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The Perfect Chap UK Release Date?

We don’t have guys in England.  Gentlemen, certainly.  Chaps, definitely.  Guys, not so much :-)

The last news we had on the thriller The Perfect Guy was back in August with a possible release date in the US of June 19th, 2015.  That date has not been widely reported and remains in the ‘we’ll see’ category for now, looking to be upgraded later to ‘told you so’.

Those here in the UK hoping to see Sanaa Lathan (Boss), Michael Ealy (Almost Human), and Morris Chestnut (Legends), and Kathryn, in the drama about a woman who starts a relationship with a too-good-to-be-true man, could have to wait until November next year.

Several places have reported the UK cinema release date of 27th November 2015 for The Perfect Guy, with a home version (DVD/Blu-ray) at sometime in March to May of 2016.

Pinch of salt to be taken with both of those for now.  If it turns out to be true: you heard it here first.  If not: you ain’t seen me, right? :-)

The Perfect Guy Gets A Date?

The new thriller film The Perfect Guy which will see Kathryn returning to the big screen in a small role recently started filming around LA.  In our initial reporting of the news a release some time next year was expected.  Not really a surprise given the normal timing of these things..

Now we might be able to be a little more precise.  This is not confirmed and is far from official but a date of 19th June 2015 has been seen.  Even if that is the currently intended release date these things are always subject to change.

Another additional detail is the inclusion of child actor Duncan Joiner to the cast list on the film’s IMDb page.  As the character Kathryn is said to be playing, Karen, has been described as a mother of boys it is a reasonable assumption to make that Duncan, as “Zach”, could be one of her sons.

For more details on The Perfect Guy see the previous KM UK post here.

Kathryn Added To The Perfect Guy On IMDb

imdb_logo_100x100It’s a minor thing really but tradition dictates that I post this update.

In the past 24 hours Kathryn’s name was added to expanding cast list of The Perfect Guy on the go-to movie info website IMDb.  Anyone can submit changes to IMDb (which are moderated) but her name appearing there feels like a milestone, as though it makes it official.

Holt McCallany is another recently announced addition to the cast.  You may not know the name but you would probably recognise the face.  Holt has been in movies like Fight Club, Gangster Squad, and Three Kings; as well as recurring roles in TV shows like CSI: Miami, Lights Out, Heroes, and Golden Boy.  In The Perfect Guy Holt is said to be playing a police detective.

The Perfect Guy‘s IMDB page is here and will be added to the menus on the right of the site.

The Perfect Guy Finds Karen has posted a small news story about Kathryn joining the cast of The Perfect Guy.  We covered this news on KM UK last week.

However, reading a bit more closely reveals that the piece actually has a little more detail than mentioned previously.  We already know that Kathryn is to play a close friend of the lead character Leah (Sanaa Lathan).  Now we have the character name of Karen for the role.

Karen is apparently a mother to several boys.  I think Kathryn can nail that  :-)

Read the news item in full on

The Perfect Guy Finds Kathryn

News!  We have news!

Just to get your inevitable question dealt with up front: yes I am a perfect guy, but I am not this perfect guy :-)

News broke over night that principal photography (that’s actual filming) began yesterday (6th August 2014) on a movie called The Perfect Guy.  It’s a thriller by director David Rosenthal (A Single Shot) and writer Tyger Williams (Menace II Society).

Sanaa Lathan (Nip/Tuck) stars as Leah who, after breaking up with her long-time boyfriend, finds herself in a new relationship with the titular perfect guy, Carter, played by Michael Ealy (Almost Human).  Of course, no one is actually perfect (Kathryn excepted!) and so things take a turn for the worse for Leah when carter turns violent and starts to stalk her.  What do you expect, it’s a thriller called The Perfect Guy after all!

Morris Chestnut (Nurse Jackie) is the ex.  But what about Kathryn?

Kathryn, Charles S. Dutton (Alien3) and Rutina Wesley (True Blood) will be co-starring as close friends of Leah.  I think we can assume that this will be a relatively small role for Kathryn, but we very much welcome the news that she is returning to work a year after the birth of her twin boys.

The film by Screen Gems, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures, is currently listed as being released next year (2015).  There is nothing more specific than that at this time.

KM UK will of course bring you more news as we get it.

You can read the news item in full on the Broadway World website here.

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