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Kathryn @ Deer Valley Skifest – December 2007 – Update

celebrity_skifest_002Even all this time the year 2007 is still proving fertile ground for Kathryn sightings.  Just two weeks ago we covered another one that had come to our attention.

In what must have been one of the most hectic years in Kathryn’s life she managed to squeeze in over 30 public appearances, filming the equivalent of a whole season of Cold Case (the end of season 4 and the beginning of 5), and she filmed her scenes for The Assassination Of A High School President.  That’s quite a journey.  However, if you only looked at where Kathryn started and ended 2007 you’d almost think she hadn’t moved at all.

Mid-January 2007 saw Kathryn attend the Sundance Film Festival to promote her latest project, the movie Resurrecting The Champ starring Josh Hartnett and Samuel L Jackson.  Sundance is held in Park City, Utah every year.  In early December 2007 Kathryn was back in Park City, but this time it was for the annual Skifest event in the nearby Deer Valley resort.

The Skifest is a pro-celebrity skiing contest in aid of Waterkeeper Alliance, an organisation dedicated to protecting clean water sources around the world.  It is held every year in early December and marks the start of the ski season and the opening of the resort.  Alongside the actual skiing there are a lot of après-ski events such as a musical concert given by one of the celebrity guests.  The event has it’s own website here.

It hasn’t been particularly easy to narrow the event to 2007 as Kathryn has not featured much and lots of the celebrities have attended multiple times, making it difficult to guess the year.  After some exhaustive searching we are now certain of the year.  Kathryn does not appear to have taken part in the skiing competition that forms the backbone of the event.  Instead she was there to support the stars of other CBS TV shows Dylan Bruno from Numb3rs (above left) and Eric Close from Without A Trace (above right).  CBS covers the Skifest with a highlights/infomericial show a week or two later.  The photo below left shows Kathryn being interviewed by someone from CBS.  If you have a copy of the TV show from 2007 then please contact us.

In the the Gallery there is now 3 pictures from the event and a page from the December 2008 edition of CBS’s Watch magazine.  The magazine photo is just an illustration for the mention of the upcoming 2008 event.  Yes, we know, 3 of the 4 are basically the same image just cropped differently.  Beggars can’t be choosers and all that.

Thank you to Kareen_T for persevering in contacting KM UK about this.

Update (22 Feb 2013):  We have an extra photo to add to the Gallery (the right-hand thumbnail below).  The very visible time-stamp confirms that it was taken on the 12th of September 2007.  Wait!  What?  Damn Americans and their bizarre date formats!  It’s the 9th of December really.

celebrity_skifest_001 page_28 celebrity_skifest_004

6 comments to Kathryn @ Deer Valley Skifest – December 2007 – Update

  • And where is my thanks?
    If I didn’t sent that photo to you and told you I saw it on KareenT’s Tumblr, you never saw this.

  • Oh and by the way, you miss one of them. The one I have isn’t in the Gallery.

    • As I already told you Kareen_T had tried to contact me about it already but it hadn’t worked at first.

      Which do you have that I don’t? The one you sent me the other day is the same as the one with Kathryn being interviewed but with the colours changed.

  • You didn’t told me!

    And like I told you I have another on my laptop by my dad so the fast way I can send it is Friday.
    Oh good and bad news:
    Bad: the laptop is dead
    Good: some weeks ago I made a back up so you are lucky.

  • Finn

    Yep,us beggars can’t be choosey! But,I am surprised this one got past you,seeings how this was all the way back in 2007!! LOL

    Not the least bit surprised that Kathryn did not participate in the skiing events,she never has come across as the type of women,who is into winter sports scene!!

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