March 2013
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Surgeon General – Shifting Odds

Just last week we went over the obstacles that Surgeon General will have to overcome to be picked up to series for the autumn schedules in the US.

Two current shows that have been under question for renewal are The Mentalist and The Good Wife.  At that time it looked like just one of […]

2009 Creative Arts Emmys Photos & Video Update

It is just under a week away but we just couldn’t help but open one of our Easter eggs early.  Only the best quality, whiter than white chocolate of course.  It might be very finely wrapped but sometimes you just want to rip it open to get the sweet goodness inside.  Nom, nom, nom… 😀


Surgeon General – What Are The Odds?

We’ve done a little more digging on the chances of the new CBS pilot starring Kathryn and Jason Isaacs, Surgeon General from being picked up to series for the CBS TV 2013-14 season in the US.

The CBS network as ordered 11 drama pilots.  Of those near-dozen only a few will be selected to […]

Surgeon General Pilot Starts Filming

Following Friday’s wardrobe tests and table read, and Saturday’s rehearsals, it is no big surprise that filming of the Surgeon General pilot starts today (18th March 2013).  Apparently the filming in Atlanta is scheduled to take about 2 weeks.

Our two leads (Jason Isaacs and Kathryn), Kat McNamara and more recently announced signings Kristen […]

Kathryn Behind The Scenes Of Surgeon General Pilot – Update

A photo has emerged of Kathryn and some of the other cast members of Surgeon General.  They are all in Atlanta, Georgia at the moment doing a table read in preparation for filming the pilot episode.

From left to right we have actors Alex Dawson, Kristen Shaw, Kathryn and Clay Kraski.

Thanks to […]

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