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Kathryn Gets Juiced

silver_lake_juice_bar_001Recently I was window shopping…  No, it was online so that should be Windows shopping… but on a Mac.  Finder shopping?  OK, forget the whole window/Windows thing because the analogy soon falls apart.

Anyway, whilst browsing I stumbled across the Silver Lake Juice Bar website.  Not surprisingly it is the website of a juice bar, in Silver Lake, called Silver Lake Juice Bar.  The image you see above is how the front page of the website of this juice bar in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles looks.  The eagle-eyed amongst you will have already spotted it.  For those that haven’t: look again, more closely this time.  Yes, “New locations coming soon!”  I know, it’s amazing right?

silver_lake_juice_bar_002No, of course I’m talking about the fact a photo of Kathryn appears in the top left corner.  She has given the juice bar her blessing and a statement in writing to prove it.  The testimonial talks about the time she spent in Romania for the filming of The Sweeter Site Of Life, the effect that returning to a more typical American diet had on her, and the positive change caused by products from this shop.  Exactly when this appeared on the website is not clear but it must have been towards the end of last year (2012).

It has to be said that the photo of Kathryn they have used (new to me) is perhaps not the best one to promote a healthy life style.  Unless it is the ‘before’ photo :-)

A copy of the text of the testimonial can be found below.  It ends with Kathryn having something of a Victor Kiam moment.  If you don’t know who Victor is go ask a grown-up.

Kathryn Morris

I am so grateful that I stumbled into the Silver Lake Juice Bar! This place has completely turned my health around! I was working in Romania all summer eating lots of fresh farm food, only to discover thatsilver_lake_juice_bar_002 on my return home my stomach was having real problems adjusting to the more processed food in the states. I needed a pick-me-up and I was on my way to Starbucks as usial to start my day (despite my stomach issues) when I came across Baba Ji’s oasis of juice. I knew down deep if I drank vegetable juice for a couple of weeks it would fix my stomach, so I thought I’d just go in and check it out even though I don’t like über -green drinks.  I went in and what I found was a lot more than a stomach cure or an espresso pick-me-up. I explained to the staff that I was a Starbucks junkie, my stomach was struggling… “Do you have anything that can do both and will taste good?” The staff had lots of delicious, educated but not holier-than-thou answers and then Baba Ji who happened to be outside stepped in like a doctor with a juice prescription for my ailment and coffee “issues”.

I felt a lot better event after the first day and began to kick start my days thereafter with the juice and different panacea shots feeling better and clearer each day… Ironically, my Starbucks addiction began to fade quickly without the usual migraines. Everything here is FOR REAL organic, fresh, and with secret potions and supplements carefully chosen and available to you. – he takes so much care in what he gives his customers and that means a lot [to] me. The smoothies, the juices – everything at the Silver Lake Juice Bar is incredibly healthy and really tastes fantastic! You don’t feel like you are eating cardboard or deprived of something tasty and filling, Baba Ji has healed his own health and is generous to share information while you [d]rink up the stuff available.

Since I strolled into the Silver Lake Juice Bar – I often come here twice a day and began to branch out into a lot of their raw food in the deli refrigerator. I’m not a vegetarian so to the carnivores out there don’t be afraid.. the food is really hearty, tastes great, and you don’t feel sick later because you ate something “to go” that wasn’t so good for you. As much as I would like to make my own healthy juices and smoothies, I don’t always have the time and every day I switch up my order so my body doesn’t get used to the same nutrients.

It actually costs less to go get a different juice or smoothie every day instead of buy bulk vegetables and millions of additives for yourself. Plus, they have the magic combinations for taste and health down. I feel so much more energized, my skin looks amazing, I feel clear-headed and healthier overall. I find that I eat better across the board now with the juicing kickstarting my day.

I HIGHLY recommend the 3 DAY DETOX to re-boot after a long trip or just to start your month off right. They prepare everything and you just come in and pick up your juices, shots, etc.. By the end of day 2, I wasn’t that hungry and by day 3 I felt euphoric, not hungry at all and super healthy. Baba and his staff will help you through it. My favorite drinks are: Green Giant, Baba Ji, Rejuvinator, J Bates, always added tu[r]meric and spirulina. LOVE the “Panacea shot”: ginger, lemon, cayenne, honey. It’s like a shot of whiskey. E3 Live shot, and wheatgrass. Smoothies: Second Date, and the DGAF for a delicious treat.

I wish I owned this place. Get over there!

And there are more praise-filled comments by someone else as well, but we won’t trouble ourselves with that 😮

The legal bit:  KM UK is not endorsing any of the above mentioned products or the Silver Lake Juice Bar.  We also can’t comment on or substantiate any of the claims made in Kathryn’s testimonial.  Please consult you doctor before undertaking any significant change in diet.

The images from the website have been added to the KM UK Gallery for archival purposes.

This is KM UK’s 700th post!

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