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Best Wishes From KM UK

It would be ungentlemanly of me to mention a lady’s age, so I’ll just say that our favourite person is between 40 and 42 years young today (28 January)  😉

I’m sure I can speak for all the visitors to this site in saying, Kathryn, we hope you have a wonderful day and a great next 12 months.

Party on the Cold Case set?  My invite must have got lost in the mail :-(   Why does that always happen to me  😉

I’m sure Kathryn got lots of lovely presents, but if you were giving her a birthday present what would it be?

Mother’s Little Helpers – Confirmed To A Tee – Update

tee15: @asherlevin I heard rumors Kathryn Morris will be in the film? Is this true? She’s such an amazing actress! (link)

asherlevin: @tee15 Yes! Kathryn Morris, Denise Richards, Kyle Gallner, Jim Belushi, Ryan Pinkston,Sarah Hyland, Rebecca Mader and more are in @mlhmovie (link)

Well that’s one way of doing it.

Thanks to friend of the site Tianna for stepping up and putting the question straight to Asher Levin via Twitter.  Well done.

We now have confirmation from the writer/director of Mother’s Little Helpers that Kathryn is starring in it.

Update after the jump.

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Mother’s Little Helpers – Getting Warmer

costume_tests_009We are still very much in the realm of rumours here but this is further evidence of Kathryn’s long-standing involvement with the movie Mother’s Little Helpers.  Whether she is still involved or not we just don’t know at this time, but it seems likely.

The latest piece in the puzzle is a set of photos taken last November of Kathryn taking part in some sort of costume test.  It’s almost unbelievable that these have been around for over two months and have only just been found.  Where they were taken is not known.  It looks like someone’s house, possibly even Kathryn’s.  It’s certainly not on the set of the movie.

If that is Kathryn’s house then that could be…  dare I even think it, let alone type it… Kathryn’s… bed… 😯

That’s some pretty interesting outfits Kathryn is wearing.  She doesn’t look too happy in some of the photos but I’m sure that when it comes to “action” time she’ll look amazing.

17 large, though not great quality, photos can be found in the Gallery.

Filming is due to start tomorrow, 25th of January, according to the information previously found.  With Cold Case season 7 still very much in production we’ll have to wait and see if and when Kathryn will be called up.

If you have any further information relating to this movie please do let us know, either in a comment or via the Contact form.

costume_tests_002 costume_tests_008 costume_tests_010

Thanks to lillyscotty and madmax for passing the photos along.

Kathryn In A New Movie? – Update

An interesting little news snippet turned up this morning.

In an article by Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith on The National Ledger website there is a brief mention (right at the bottom) of a casting requirement for a new movie project.  Some of the actors already signed up are mentioned.  Kathryn is one of them.  The most important one, of course  :-)

The movie is apparently called Mother’s Little Helpers and stars Denise Richards and James Belushi.  The IMDb entry for the film does not list Kathryn as a cast member.  There are several other actors down as being ‘rumoured’ though, so maybe she is in in place of one of them.  The listed release date is December 2010.  The film seems to be based around the story of a boy sent to ‘prep school’ and then finding his mother can no longer afford it.  Is Kathryn to reprise her Nurse Platt role?  😉

The snippet from the article:


Forces on the feature “Mother’s Little Helpers” have been looking for the young actor who’ll fill the role of Sam, the attractive-yet-awkward 17-year-old son of a socialite at the center of the comedy’s action. Having been moved from boarding school to boarding school by his jet-setting parent, he’s delighted to finally be settling in at a prep school where he’s fitting in and nurturing a crush on a beautiful local girl.

But alas, Mom’s fortunes have turned and suddenly tuition’s an issue. Serious teenage scheming to keep her financially fit ensue. The flick boasts Jim Belushi, Kathryn Morris, Denise Richards and Sarah Hyland, so whoever winds up playing Sam will be in interesting company. Also wanted for “Helpers” is an actress to play an obsessive yoga practitioner who attends classes three times a day and is, no surprise, exceptionally fit.

I’ve searched and searched but can find nothing more on this movie other than the IMDb entry. If you have any further information please let us know, either in the comments or the Contact form.

Update: I’ve done further searching and turned up some more info.  None of it is definitive about Kathryn being involved in the project but there is a significant hint at it.  I’ll post what I’ve found after the jump.

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Cold Case S07E12 – The Runaway Bunny Screencaps

Cold_Case_S07E12_lilly_007I’m not happy!  Did I see a bunny in this at all?  No, I did not.  The title implied there was a bunny.  I expected bunny.  No bunny!  Hmph!  😉  Couldn’t the case have been about an escaped pet rabbit the squad had to track down?

We didn’t get to see her (at the) Golden Globes so we’ll have to make do with another round of Kathryn as Lilly instead.  On the plus side she looked better than of late for most of the episode.  More natural.

157 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps can now be found in the Gallery.

For those hankering for a really good chinwag about The Runaway Bunny there is always the discussion thread over at Look Again.   And no doubt TVFan will be giving us her twopenneth in Pass The Remote.  You are, of course, free to comment here as well.

That’s it for CC S7 on US TV until the 14th February.  There had better be some bunnies in that one!  Perhaps the episode nearest to Easter could see the squad in bunny outfits  😉  Thanks for the reminder IcyWinter.

Cold_Case_S07E12_lilly_017 Cold_Case_S07E12_lilly_091 Cold_Case_S07E12_lilly_153

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