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2009 Creative Arts Emmys Screencaps & Video

creative_arts_emmys_2009_031Was it really 6 months ago?  It only seems like last week.

Even if only 7 days had gone by it would still be worth re-visting this event, if only for that award winning dress.  KM UK Award winning that is :-)

Kathryn sounds a little horse as she speaks.  You know what it’s like: you get all these women together in their fancy frocks and shoes and they just can’t stop talking.  It’s a wonder the ceremony started at all!  :-)  Or maybe she was a bit under the weather :-(  She should be tucked up in bed… hang on… no, I spelt that right 😮

The smile, oh the smile, is still very much still in evidence :-)

Anyway, 47 exclusive screencaps and a small video clip covering Kathryn’s presenting on the show have been added to the Creative Arts Emmy Awards 2009 gallery album.  Enjoy.

Huge thanks to Lester for putting the effort in to getting this to me so I could share it with all of you.

creative_arts_emmys_2009_024 creative_arts_emmys_2009_039 creative_arts_emmys_2009_042

Cold Case S07E20 – Free Love Stills

still_001A couple of new episode stills from episode 20, Free Love, have been added to the Gallery.  The 2nd one is more of a spoiler than that one if you don’t want to know.

Now, I know that it’s called Free Love but remember Lilly, just because he bought you dinner you do not owe him anything.

Thanks to IcyWinter for the heads-up.

Cold Case S07E17 – Flashover Screencaps

Cold_Case_S07E17_lilly_169The financial crisis comes to Cold Case with TARP issues featuring strongly 😉

A good episode packed with lots of drama and lots of Nick, which is rarely a bad thing.  But is this the end for the big lug?

245 new HD (720p) screencaps exclusive to this site are now in the Gallery.

TVFan’s review is up over on Pass The Remote, she’s got her issues with it.

A preview video for next episode The Last Drive-In has been added to the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S07E17_lilly_027 Cold_Case_S07E17_lilly_040 Cold_Case_S07E17_lilly_245

It’s Happened – @kathrynmorris1

Kathryn has got herself a Twitter account, according to Asher Levin.

FF – ANNOUNCEMENT: finally convinced Kathryn to come to the twitter world. Follow her at @KATHRYNMORRIS1 and my producer @GRAHAM_LARSONLink

Welcome Kathryn.  We at KM UK hope you enjoy it.

I’m sure I don’t need to say this but to everyone else, please remember to be polite and respectful if you send a message to Kathryn.

Cold Case Spin-off Pitch

*** Spoiler Alert ***

The spoiler doing the rounds that Lilly considers a career move to the FBI in upcoming Cold Case episodes got me thinking.  Let’s go with this idea and create a new show based around Special Agent Lillian Rush?  She could be a profiler tracking down serial killers.  They could call it… Mindhunters.  What?  Oh yes, so she did :-)  How about one of my earlier ideas for a name for Cold Case then: Rush Hour  :-)

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