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Mother’s Little Helpers – Hot Hot Hot

costume_tests_018The most recent Twitter message from Mother’s Little Helpers writer/director Asher Levin gives us little hope for much more Kathryn related stuff until nearer the film’s release.  More’s the pity.

asherlevin: Homestretch with the youngstaz today. Vlogs will start again when we get into post. Thanks for following all. Viral invasion begins soon. – Link

If that’s the case then we’d better make the most of the latest costume test image that’s surfaced.  And there’s a lot to make of it that’s for sure  😉

It looks like they’ve taken the best bits (the sparkly dress they liked and the legs) from all the previous outfits and combined them into one.  Plus, they’ve thrown in some bare shoulders and cleavage for (very) good measure  😉

1 new image added to the Gallery.

It’s going to be a long Spring, Summer and Autumn…

Cold Case S07E13 – Bombers Promo Video

Cold_Case_S07E13_lilly_027Just a quick post.

I’ve added a promo video for the next Cold Case episode, Bombers, to the Gallery.  The video also mentions the fact that it is the first of a run of 7 episodes.  I think some of the clips are from other future episodes.  There are some pretty big spoilers involved so watch it with your eyes closed and your fingers in your ears.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  You might want to avoid the comments below as well, just in case.

Karenthaynara has posted a copy on YouTube here for those that might find that easier.

KM UK Exclusive! PWOG: The Missing Episode

pwog_s01e15_104Another case closed.

We’re revisiting an early post with this one.  After so long searching I was able to bring to the world exclusive screencaps of Kathryn’s breakthrough TV role as Lt. Annalisa “Stinger” Lindstrom in the TV series Pensacola: Wings Of Gold.  And they turned out to be better than I could ever have imagined.

Unfortunately there was a gap in the set.  Episode 15, Power Play, was MIA.  Well, it’s now been rounded up and capped.  It does not have the shock and awwww of episodes from the beginning and end of the season, but it is still worth a brisk march through.

116 new screencaps have been added to the Gallery.

Reminder: All screencaps on KM UK are exclusive to KM UK and are not to be posted on other websites.

pwog_s01e15_091 pwog_s01e15_110 pwog_s01e15_031

Playing Detective – Updated x2

cbs_watch_001Nscha very kindly sent me this image.  We have no idea where it is from.  Can you identify it?

It is clearly Kathryn.  It looks like she is in Lilly mode.  It looks quite recent.  Possibly a promo shoot.  Or just a one-off for a magazine.

If you know can you let me know.  I’d love to see more or just this one much bigger if that is all there is.


Update: The photo appeared in the November 2009 edition of CBS Watch! magazine thereby confirming its approximate age and that is a photoshoot of Kathryn, as Lilly, promoting Cold Case.  The image is, at least for now, on this page here.  If you have more details, or better yet scans of the magazine, please Contact me.  The Gallery has been updated with the above image.  Thanks to ciara for spotting this and letting us know.

Update 2: On the same CBS Watch! website IcyWinter has found a small interview with Kathryn from last July somewhat buried away.  You can read it here, I’ll paste a copy after the jump.  It is further evidence of the sensible attitudes Kathryn has to life.

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KM UK Awards 2010

RichE Award StatuetteWith the SAG; Golden Globe; Grammy; Choice, both Critics’ and People’s; The BBC Folk and the Australian Grand Dairy Awards having gone by already this year and with the BAFTAs and Academy Awards (aka the Oscars) just around the corner it is clear that we are well into awards season. So KM UK is going to hitch a ride on the statuette giving bandwagon too.

Kathryn Morris UK, in association with… hey, we don’t do sponsorship here, at least not with out a load of cash up front… brings to you the first annual RichEs. (And it’ll be the last if this doesn’t go well.)

Of course I only called the award the RichE so I could talk about Kathryn finally getting her hands on the little RichE she so deserves 😉

That’s enough of that, let’s get to the award presentations. Good luck.

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