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Cougars, Inc. Release News & Images

promo_001A bumper crop of Cougar news today.

The Official Cougars, Inc. Facebook page has made some announcements.

In the US, I assume, the movie will be available via on demand services from the 1st of April.  Exact details have not been released

Also, the film will apparently be “coming to your town throughout April with various parties and screenings.”  Again, I assume this is in the US only as no further info was given.

onset_20100207_002An image from the promotional photoshoot was posted (see right) and this has been added to a new album in the Gallery.  We also got another on set image of Kathryn (see left).  And, there was a link to a trailer for the movie on IMDb but it is the same one we’ve already seen.

Thanks to Asher for posting the news and the photos.

Update: Shaw, TV/phone/Internet provider in Canada, is now listing Cougars, Inc. on their Video On Demand service as available from 1st April.  Details here.  I’m sure it will appear on others soon enough.

8 comments to Cougars, Inc. Release News & Images

  • Icywinter2

    On demand means on Pay-per-view, but normally the parties are usually held in NY and in LA. That’s what I’ve heard about things such as this. These are major cities that will generate a lot of press.

    They don’t tour in every state or city. It won’t in theaters either..

    The thumbnail on the bottom of Kathryn is beautiful :)

  • Lolly

    AHHHHHHH THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe they’ll come to Chicago. (;

    • Icywinter2

      @Lolly- I don’t think they will, it’s usually in both LA and in NY. Movie premire parties only seem to happen in those two cities. They don’t travel to various cities.

      • I don’t think they are talking about premieres, just screenings.

        • Icywinter2

          Screenings are usually held in Both LA and in NY. Due to the fact that this movie is going straight onto DVD, it’s most likely it will be on these two cities.

          Limited screenings are in these cities. they don’t go all over the US.

          It could very well not mean in theaters but on tv on pay-per-view..

          • Screenings limited to LA and NY would likely be press screenings. This sounds like they will be doing public screening around the country.

  • Icywinter2

    Probably in theaters, but not including like having the cast there. For a limited time. Due to the fact that this movie never went to theaters and is going straight onto dvd it might be in just select theaters in select cities.

    I don’t think it will be in every city in all fifty states. Think about it, money to do that. Gas prices skyrocketing, I doubt it.

    I think Asher should have been more specific, things such as this can be very confusing.

    I’ve checked on Directv and also on Time Warner Cable. None of them list this movie as of yet.

  • I’ve been looking at the promo image and it is clearly the basis for the box art. There have been some changes, both major and minor though.

    Here’s what I’ve spotted so far that is different in the box art:

    – Denise has been taken off the step an moved forward.
    – The window alcove has been removed.
    – The picture, Kyle and the dog have been added.
    – Rebecca has been removed :-(
    – Or at the least Catalina has been moved on top of Rebecca 😮
    – Catalina lost an arm in the move :-( There is evidence of Catalina’s hand being removed from the stair rail above Kathryn’s head. It is not as smooth as it should be.
    – Kathryn, the rail and wall beneath it have been moved to the left. As Julie pointed out previously it means the curved wall below doesn’t work any more.
    – Kathryn has been been turned so she is standing more upright.
    – The whole image has been given a more sepia tone.

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