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Japan To Open Its Own Cold Cases


Oi!  I’m over here!

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Glad to see you finally managed to drag yourself away for a moment :-)  Can’t blame you though.  It is more than a little captivating isn’t it?  I didn’t need a good excuse to post it again, but I’ve got one anyway.

Last week it was announced that WOWOW TV in Japan had signed a deal with Warner Bros. to create their own local version of Cold Case.

The new production is said to be made up of 10 episodes which will première in October of this year (2016).  The wording in the press release says that that number have “already been commissioned”, so it could very well be added to before broadcasting starts.

The plan appears to be to take the essence of Cold Case, that it is about the people and their stories and not the science or gun fights, and write new tales around that ethos.  Japan has an incredibly rich history to draw from and huge capacity for story telling so I am sure they will not be short of ideas.

Although it wasn’t said in the official statement, according to an IMDb listing the show is called Cold Case: Shinjitsu no Tobira.  A few attempts by me at translating have come up with ‘Shinjitsu’ meaning something like ‘truth’ and ‘Tobira’ as ‘door’ or ‘opening’.  So, it could be something like ‘door to truth’.  If any of our Japanese friends want to help out please comment below.

WOWOW TV has broadcast the whole of the original Cold Case in Japan.  The event pictured is Kathryn’s 2007 visit to Tokyo promoting the 3rd season of the show.  Enjoy more details (and pictures!) here.  The day before that she also took in the Japanese première of a Harry Potter movie, as posted about here.

The full Warner Bros. International Television/WOWOW TV press release can be seen here at the Broadcasting Cable website.

There is also an official WOWOW TV website (in Japanese of course) for the show to be found here.

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