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Cold Case S01E01 – Look Again HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S01E01_lilly_001KM UK’s Summer of HD 2012 gets off to a damp start.  Entirely appropriate for an English summer :-)

Yes, for 2012 we are going back to the very beginning, back to Cold Case season 1.  Did you guess correctly?

In the very first episode, Look Again, after visiting a fresh crime scene Detective Lillian Rush gets involved in solving an old case from 1976, and she’s not best pleased about it.

Looking again (see what I did there?) at this pilot episode you can see that the show did not quite have the structure we became so familiar with.  The flashbacks are very brief and it is wall-to-wall Lilly (a good thing :-) ) with Kathryn in practically every scene.

Also, Danny Pino’s makeup artist must have been different because he looks so different :-)  I joke of course.  Justin Chambers starred as Det. Chris Lassing in 3 of the first 4 episodes.  We don’t get introduced to Scotty Valens until later in the season.

398 HD (720p) new Lilly screencaps and an updated promo image from Look Again can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S01E01_lilly_245 Cold_Case_S01E01_lilly_309 promo_001

Cold Case Season 1 Promo Photos

promo_004Another post from the “not new, but new to the Gallery” collection.

This great set are from a promotional photoshoot for the very first season of Cold Case.

You can find 6 HQ images in the Gallery.

promo_002 promo_003 promo_005

Cold Case Season 1 Screencaps

Cold_Case_S01E01_lilly_066Lilly Rush screencaps covering the whole of Cold Case season 1 have been added to the Gallery.  There are around 200 images per episode.  There are also a small collection of promo and high quality still images for various episodes.

It has been interesting revisiting the early appearances of Lilly.  The introduction of Scotty.  Kite’s attempts to break through some barriers.  Lilly messing it up.  Still the same amazing smile though :-)

Cold_Case_S01E02_lilly_126 Cold_Case_S01E05_lilly_169 Cold_Case_S01E15_lilly_204

Screencaps from seasons 2, 3 and 4 will follow later.

Also, new HD (720p) screencaps from Thrill Kill and That Woman (episodes 1 and 2 of season 5 respectively) have been added to the Gallery recently, completing the HD (720p) set for seasons 5 and 6.

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