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Cold Case S01E11 – Hubris HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S01E11_lilly_236Hubris writers Kim Newton and Stacy Kravetz appear to have taken a leaf from Veena Sud’s book on episode titles.

hu·bris [hyoo-bris, hoo-]


excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance.

College professor Roy Minard (Jeffrey Nordling, 24 and Body Of Proof) asks Rush to clear his name after being accused of murdering a student.  With that title, and applying the normal Cold Case “the most recognisable guest star probably did it” rule, who do we think is the mostly likely suspect?  Hubris indeed.

It makes for quite a twist on the normal storyline but it is rather overshadowed by the scene pictured above.  Rush’s trashcan can-can (not a great description but I had to use the phrase :-) ) is a joy to behold.

KM UK Summer of HD 2012 continues with Cold Case season 1, episode 11.

385 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S01E11_lilly_106 Cold_Case_S01E11_lilly_116 Cold_Case_S01E11_lilly_117

Cold Case S01E10 – The Hitchhiker HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S01E10_lilly_151A young man gambles with his life.  Literally.  OK, not literally because that makes no sense in this situation.  After playing the tables in Atlantic City he was hitching a ride home when he went missing.  His body was later found in woods with a bullet to the head.  Russian roulette was not involved.

The Hitchhiker is the tenth episode of Cold Case’s first season and is the latest edition of KM UK Summer of HD 2012.

345 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps and an on set photo of Kathryn with actor Arthur Darbinyan (he played shopkeeper Ivan Medvedenko) from the episode can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S01E10_lilly_080 Cold_Case_S01E10_lilly_079 promo_001

Cold Case S01E09 – Sherry Darlin’ HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S01E09_lilly_329KM UK’s Summer of HD 2012 reaches the ninth episode of Cold Case’s first season and it’s a doozy.

There’s none of the standard newly found evidence stuff this time.  No, Lilly receives a phone call from a man claiming to have murdered an old woman some 15 years earlier.  It’s just weird.  And if that’s not bad enough he does that whole ‘disappearing when a train goes between him and Lilly’ routine.  I really hate that.  How do people on TV shows and in films do it?  If any of us tried that we’d be spotted running away or hiding behind something once the vehicle had passed.

Plus, instead of just the usual interview to bring the truth out we get an armed siege with our confessor holding himself at gun point.  This cold case work is not such a safe and cushy number after all!

One thing missing from this episode though is a certain Det. Valens.  He’s only been here a few weeks and already he’s taking time off!  Actually I think this episode was shown out of order, compared to the order they were created, and it really belongs in the gap between Det. Lassing leaving and Valens joining.

As compensation we get a whole lotta extra Lilly instead.  A bumper 474 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps and 5 new promo photos from the episode can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S01E09_lilly_035 Cold_Case_S01E09_lilly_157 promo_001

Cold Case S01E08 – Fly Away HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S01E08_lilly_102Fly Away has to be one of the more difficult episodes.  The story is also one of the most compelling despite being one of the newest and simplest to sum up:  A woman wakes from a two-year coma caused by a fall that killed her 6 year old daughter.  Welcome to the latest edition in KM UK’s Summer of HD 2012.

Anything involving a deprived mother and young children is going to be of personal interest to Det. Rush, but remember that this was the very first time we’d got a look behind that particular curtain.  This is, of course, Lilly so it is only a glimpse.

Why did this young woman take the drastic step of jumping through a window with her child?  Will she remember anything of that night?  Just what happened to Lilly all those years before?

400 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps and 6 new promo photos can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S01E08_lilly_191 Cold_Case_S01E08_lilly_356 promo_003

Cold Case S01E07 – A Time To Hate HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S01E07_lilly_293Hate?  How can you hate that?  That picture should be in the dictionary next to the list of antonyms for hate!

Episode 7 of Cold Case season 1 was A Time To Hate and it is the subject of the latest entry in KM UK’s Summer of HD 2012.

The story centres around the treatment of members of the gay community in the 1960s.  Have things changed so much these days?  Probably not enough.

Can the PPD squad solve the murder of a young baseball player?  Was one of their own, a policeman, involved?

348 Full HD (720p) Lilly screencaps from the episode can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S01E07_lilly_017 Cold_Case_S01E07_lilly_054 Cold_Case_S01E07_lilly_258

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