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Kathryn @ Deer Valley Skifest – December 2007 – Update

celebrity_skifest_002Even all this time the year 2007 is still proving fertile ground for Kathryn sightings.  Just two weeks ago we covered another one that had come to our attention.

In what must have been one of the most hectic years in Kathryn’s life she managed to squeeze in over 30 public appearances, filming the equivalent of a whole season of Cold Case (the end of season 4 and the beginning of 5), and she filmed her scenes for The Assassination Of A High School President.  That’s quite a journey.  However, if you only looked at where Kathryn started and ended 2007 you’d almost think she hadn’t moved at all.

Mid-January 2007 saw Kathryn attend the Sundance Film Festival to promote her latest project, the movie Resurrecting The Champ starring Josh Hartnett and Samuel L Jackson.  Sundance is held in Park City, Utah every year.  In early December 2007 Kathryn was back in Park City, but this time it was for the annual Skifest event in the nearby Deer Valley resort.

The Skifest is a pro-celebrity skiing contest in aid of Waterkeeper Alliance, an organisation dedicated to protecting clean water sources around the world.  It is held every year in early December and marks the start of the ski season and the opening of the resort.  Alongside the actual skiing there are a lot of après-ski events such as a musical concert given by one of the celebrity guests.  The event has it’s own website here.

It hasn’t been particularly easy to narrow the event to 2007 as Kathryn has not featured much and lots of the celebrities have attended multiple times, making it difficult to guess the year.  After some exhaustive searching we are now certain of the year.  Kathryn does not appear to have taken part in the skiing competition that forms the backbone of the event.  Instead she was there to support the stars of other CBS TV shows Dylan Bruno from Numb3rs (above left) and Eric Close from Without A Trace (above right).  CBS covers the Skifest with a highlights/infomericial show a week or two later.  The photo below left shows Kathryn being interviewed by someone from CBS.  If you have a copy of the TV show from 2007 then please contact us.

In the the Gallery there is now 3 pictures from the event and a page from the December 2008 edition of CBS’s Watch magazine.  The magazine photo is just an illustration for the mention of the upcoming 2008 event.  Yes, we know, 3 of the 4 are basically the same image just cropped differently.  Beggars can’t be choosers and all that.

Thank you to Kareen_T for persevering in contacting KM UK about this.

Update (22 Feb 2013):  We have an extra photo to add to the Gallery (the right-hand thumbnail below).  The very visible time-stamp confirms that it was taken on the 12th of September 2007.  Wait!  What?  Damn Americans and their bizarre date formats!  It’s the 9th of December really.

celebrity_skifest_001 page_28 celebrity_skifest_004

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

miller_childrens_hospital_001This IS the broad you’re looking for.

Some of you will have seen this photo recently.  Some of you may even have had a good guess at the year it was taken.  But wouldn’t you like to know the full details?  KM UK uses the force to bring you all the info.

The year was 2007.  Kathryn, George Lucas and a host of other stars of stage, screen, magazine and sports arena were preparing to taken part in the annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity race that accompanies the Grand Prix of Long Beach.  The event is held to raise money for the Racing For Kids which supports children’s hospitals in Long Beach and the neighbouring Orange County, California.  A worthy cause we’re sure you’ll agree.

One of the hospitals to benefit from the fund raising (around $100,000 is said come from the Pro/Celebrity race) is the Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach.  On Thursday the 12th of April 2007, two days before the race Kathryn, George and a personal Star Wars Stormtropper escort visited MCH.  The man in the white plastic suit is Michael Bender, aka TK6682.  Michael’s own Facebook page is here.

You can now find the full photo in the Gallery.

We’d like to thank Michael for allowing KM UK to post his photo and for the details of the event, the ladies of the Star Wars Sorority for their assistance and Kathy for the heads-up.

DKMS Marrow Donor Drive – October 2007

dkms_01It’s been a couple of months since the last one but we return to our series of posts looking back on Kathryn’s public appearances in 2007.  There’s been a few recurring themes that have cropped up: festivals, premières and motorsport. This one includes none of those.  We’re re-visiting charity work instead.

DKMS is a charity set up to help fight blood cancer.  The unusual initialisation is because the organisation originates in Germany as the Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei gGmbH.  In October of 2007 they ran their annual marrow donor campaign and visited the Warner Bros. Studios where Cold Case was filming it’s 5th season.  Whilst there they bumped into a particularly lovely lady.

As you can see above Kathryn posed for photos with Xander and Carrie Denke, parents of twin boys that we presume are beneficiaries of DKMS help, and other supporters.  15 large images are now in the Gallery.

You can find more information about the DKMS organisation and their good works on their website.

dkms_003 dkms_005 dkms_014

Resurrecting The Champ Screening With Kathryn

During my time on the Look Again Cold Case fan board I met a lot of fellow fans of Kathryn.  A lot of them were kind enough to visit me here at KM UK and help get it off to a good start.  Many of the ‘old band’ still drop by on a regular basis.  Hello there, it would be great to hear from you again.

I made some good friends there too.  One I count myself very lucky to have is the person everyone knows, including me, only as LillyKat.

LillyKat was Senior Staff Writer at the now sadly defunct TV review blog Pass The Remote (PTR).  For five years LillyKat, along with the site owner TVFan, wrote wonderful reviews of their favourite shows.  Shows like Damages, Fringe, Ice Road Truckers, Psych, Saving Grace, and of course Cold Case.

For much of this year here on KM UK we’ve been looking back at events that Kathryn attended in 2007.  We’ve had new photos from fund raisers, premières, promotional events, award shows and festivals.  After an absence of a few months today we go back to 2007 with a little help from LillyKat.

Mid-August 2007, just over a week before the official première of the movie Resurrecting The Champ, a special screening was held in Los Angeles.  Amongst the attendees was a certain Kathryn Morris and the film’s director Rod Lurie.  And LillyKat.

There was a post-screening Q&A session in which the intrepid reporter asked a few questions and she even managed a quick one-on-one with Kathryn afterwards.  The event formed the basis of two articles on PTR: the first a write-up of the whole evening, the second a review of the film.

LillyKat has very kindly allowed KM UK to reproduce in full the two pieces and host her accompanying photos in our Gallery.  Frankly, she owes me a few favours so there wasn’t much arm twisting involved :-)

You can start reading LillyKat’s articles HERE.

Kathryn @ EMAs – October 2007

6571It’s just typical of these Hollywood types!

They hold a big event to try and convince the hoi polloi (that’d be us) to do our bit for the environment.  And what happens?  Some of them decide to cause a bit of localised warming and some rising of… ‘c’ levels.  As I said: typical!  😉

70Back in 2007 Kathryn attended the 17th Annual Environmental Media Association Awards in California.  She made an eye catching entrance on the back of a scooter with her then-boyfriend David Barrett.  This was the first of three such appearances at the EMA to date that we know of.

73Two years later the 2nd was less successful, sartorially speaking.  As for the 2010… well, let’s just say the mercury was boiling that day! 😮

This set continues our recent theme of Kathryn’s 2007 public appearances, with the extra element of this being an awards event.

We now have an additional 23 photos of Kathryn on the red carpet.  Plus, just for a change, we have 3 videos from it too.  All are now in the Gallery.

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