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Kathryn @ 59th Annual Primetime Emmys 2007 – More Photos

arrivals_34press_room_49What a week!  To pull a cliché out of the hat: it’s been a real roller coaster ride.

Let’s see if we can finish off with something nice.  A bit of nostalgia with absolutely no need for rose-tinted glasses.  Kathryn supplies all the red we need.

It has been a few weeks since we last did a post like this but rest assured that we have not forgotten our Gallery updates of Kathryn’s public appearances in 2007.  There’s still plenty to come from what was a very busy year for our favourite lady.

Before we move onto other events in coming weeks we will have one final (for now) look back at the huge event that is the Primetime Emmy Awards from that year.

We have 21 more images of Kathryn looking stunning in a long red dress.  15 on the red carpet and 6 in the press room of the major TV awards event.

Kathryn @ 59th Annual Primetime Emmys 2007 – The Rest Of The Night

press_room_12Careful Kathryn there’s some Pino on your arm.

We will continue our 2007 updates with a second post covering the Primetime Emmy Awards of that year in a moment, but first we need to add something that got missed off from the previous update.

press_room_17I’d forgotten that I had a video of Kathryn being interviewed on the red carpet stashed away waiting for an appropriate time to post it.  Last week would have been that time.  Doh!  It’s the usual sort of chit-chat about the dress etc. but does include Kathryn’s thoughts on the then upcoming season 5 of Cold Case.  The video now is in the Gallery.

And back to our regularly scheduled update…

Last time out it was Kathryn on the red carpet.  Now we move on to the show itself, into the backstage area, the post-show press room and an after party.  Photos aplenty.  And a video!

press_room_17Ms Morris and Mr Pino presented two awards together and we have video to prove it.  Once off stage they were photographed together in the press room.  We already had quite a few photos of the pair of them larking about for the snappers but we’ve super-sized four of them and added a further 24 for your viewing pleasure!

But that’s not it.  We also have an additional shot of Kathryn and Danny backstage and one of Kathryn attending the Governor’s Ball after party.

For the some of the larger sized images we have to say a big thank you to our friends at Danny Pino Online.

press_room_32 backstage_04 governors_ball_01

Kathryn @ 59th Annual Primetime Emmys 2007 – Arrivals

arrivals_29Returning to our 2007 theme we jump from a cold January in Utah at the Sundance Film Festival to a significantly warmer Los Angeles in September.  Things have indeed got a little hotter 😉

This, the first of a couple of updates we will have from the 59th Annual Primetime Emmys, we look back at the arrivals or red carpet.  “Back” is very much the theme of the photos too.

I’m sure you all remember Kathryn’s amazing red dress with plunging front and the ribbon criss-crossing her back.  Just a tug away from… disaster/triumph.*

We last did an update of photos from this event in September 2010.  Now we have a further 20 new images of various sizes to bring to you.  Find them all in the Gallery.

More photos from the rest of the event will be posted next week.

arrivals_13 arrivals_25 arrivals_32

*delete as applicable 😉

Kathryn @ Sundance Film Festival Day 4 – Jan 2007

kari_feinstein_002Day 4 of the 2007 Sunda….



Sorry, I drifted off there 😉

Where was I?  Oh yes, Day 4 of the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, which fell on the 21st of January, saw Kathryn attending more those merchandise hawking “lounges”.  Let’s see, we’ve got her:

Plus, Kathryn did a group interview with her Resurrecting The Champ co-stars in the Hollywood Life House.  Just looks like Hollywood Life magazine has taken over, and renamed, a café to me. But I’m not a hip Hollywood media type so what do I know?

And to get from A to B sometimes you have to go via M, M for Main Street of Park City, Utah so we have a few shots of Kathryn “out and about”.

Giving us a total of 37 additional photos for the Gallery.

marquee_lounge_001 marquee_lounge_001 hollywood_life_house_002 sundance_day4_003

Kathryn @ Resurrecting The Champ Première – Jan 2007 – Update x2

Resurrecting_The_Champ_2007_Sundance_Portrait_Session_001Kathryn made further appearances on day 3 (Kathryn’s 2nd) of the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.

I should start out by saying that the image above is not part of this update.  It is part of a portrait session for the cast of Resurrecting The Champ and it did happen on the same day.  As much as I’d love to post an update on it, and savour every extra pixel, I did that last July with the largest versions available :-)  No, I’ve used it because it is my favourite Kathryn photo and I don’t need much of an excuse to post it :-)

Along with the photoshoot, the 20th of January 2007 saw Kathryn attend another of those product promotional events, this time at the Marquee Lounge, the Resurrecting The Champ première and after party (8 new images), and another promo event at the Heineken Green Room.  In total we have 21 more images across the three events.

Day 4 coming soon.

Update:  An additional photo from a Q&A at the première was added just after this article was posted.  The image has since been upgraded to one much greater size.

Update 2:  Two more large images of Kathryn with her co-star Josh Hartnett at the première.

Resurrecting_The_Champ_2007_Sundance_Portrait_Session_007 066 green_room_001

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