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Resurrecting The Champ Screening With Kathryn

During my time on the Look Again Cold Case fan board I met a lot of fellow fans of Kathryn.  A lot of them were kind enough to visit me here at KM UK and help get it off to a good start.  Many of the ‘old band’ still drop by on a regular basis.  Hello there, it would be great to hear from you again.

I made some good friends there too.  One I count myself very lucky to have is the person everyone knows, including me, only as LillyKat.

LillyKat was Senior Staff Writer at the now sadly defunct TV review blog Pass The Remote (PTR).  For five years LillyKat, along with the site owner TVFan, wrote wonderful reviews of their favourite shows.  Shows like Damages, Fringe, Ice Road Truckers, Psych, Saving Grace, and of course Cold Case.

For much of this year here on KM UK we’ve been looking back at events that Kathryn attended in 2007.  We’ve had new photos from fund raisers, premières, promotional events, award shows and festivals.  After an absence of a few months today we go back to 2007 with a little help from LillyKat.

Mid-August 2007, just over a week before the official première of the movie Resurrecting The Champ, a special screening was held in Los Angeles.  Amongst the attendees was a certain Kathryn Morris and the film’s director Rod Lurie.  And LillyKat.

There was a post-screening Q&A session in which the intrepid reporter asked a few questions and she even managed a quick one-on-one with Kathryn afterwards.  The event formed the basis of two articles on PTR: the first a write-up of the whole evening, the second a review of the film.

LillyKat has very kindly allowed KM UK to reproduce in full the two pieces and host her accompanying photos in our Gallery.  Frankly, she owes me a few favours so there wasn’t much arm twisting involved :-)

You can start reading LillyKat’s articles HERE.

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