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Kathryn @ Art Directors Guild Awards 2005

adga_006Awards seasons, like the one we are in the middle of, could easily give you the impression it is all about actors, actresses and directors.

The big ceremonies like the Oscars and the BAFTAs are largely made up of presentations in those categories.  They’re the ones that get all the publicity.  It is understandable that the people you see on the screen, and the person considered responsible for where they are placed within its borders, get all the attention.

However, film-making involves a lot of different disciplines, and I’m not talking Fifty Shades Of Grey-style discipline.

Amongst the many awards events at this time of year is the Art Directors Guild Excellence In Production Design Awards.  The 19th running occurred a couple of weeks ago, at the end of January.  Production designers for, amongst others, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Birdman, Game Of Thrones, and The Big Bang Theory won in various categories.  Even the Oscars won an award.  Have we reached the (no pun intended) stage where award shows are winning awards?

Back in 2005 Walk The Line was the big hit movie talking all the plaudits, and an ADG award.  TV series Rome and TV movie Empire Falls were also recipients.

Actually, everyone was a winner in 2005 because Kathryn attended that year.  So far, this event has evaded this site like some evade taxes.  We’re closing that loophole right now!

14 photos of Kathryn at the Art Directors Guild Awards in 2005 are now in the KM UK Gallery.  Thanks to smallbarbie for her help with these.

adga_002 adga_010 adga_014

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