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In 2006 She Went A Little Bit Country

portraits_09Prompted by a question raised by site regular Kathy we’ve delved back into the archives for a very timely update.

It was on this day (23rd May 2006) seven years ago that Kathryn attended the Academy Of Country Music Awards.  The ACMAs are not to be confused with other country music awards with similar acronyms such as the Country Music Awards.  What ever happened to the “western” part anyway?  Don’t they do both types of music any more?

It looks like it was quite a full evening for Kathryn.  It started with arriving in an American sub-compact… OK, that’s clearly a lie.  It started many hours earlier with her getting ready for the event (as women are wont to do) and involved a ridiculously long, gold painted stretched limo.  Like Kathryn needed such a “look at me” vehicle when she stepped out of the car looking like that!  Yowza!  Extra points if you can leave a comment naming the make of dress and monkey-logoed purse.

press_room_006Getting out of a limo has a nasty habit of leading to a red carpet and sure enough it happened here.  After that you can’t avoid having a portrait photo session, attending a music awards ceremony, going on stage to give an award and being photographed some more but this time with various products.  Tough day.  Do you think Kathryn was supposed to be putting on the clothes and walking off with them?  😮

So, 26 new(ish) photos have now been added to the Gallery to help further illustrate the points made above.  Ten in the arrivals section.  One update (it’s bigger of course) to photo number 6 in the press room set.  And, a bakers dozen (that’s 13) in the new Distinctive Assets At The ACMA sub-album.

Plus, we have a very, very short video of Kathryn presenting the Best Album award to… you’ll have to watch to find out :-)

inspiration_awards_006 distinctive_assets_at_the_acma_010 inspiration_awards_redcarpet_001

2 comments to In 2006 She Went A Little Bit Country

  • Yayy!!!! Thank you SO much!!!
    This is awesome!

    Sadly she didn’t met Miranda but thank you SO SO much!!
    Plus the video, it’s perfect!!!

  • I’m not sure about who designed the dress, but I do like it. I think it would have suited her better if it was a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline, though.

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