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L&O: SVU Renewed For 14th Season

danny_pino_002_430x180Just a quick post to congratulate Danny Pino and the rest of the cast and crew on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit getting a renewal for the show’s 14th season.

I know the loss of some key cast members hit the show hard last year but it sounds like it did well in the ratings and that Danny and fellow newbie Kelli Giddish have done a great job.  The news last week that Mariska Hargitay had signed a deal to remain with the show if it was renewed must have encouraged the network to keep the faith.

Hopefully we’ll see Kathryn get a guest starring role in the 2012/2013 season  :-)

If you want to keep up with all the Danny news then go and see our friends over at Danny Pino Online.

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – Feb 2012

promo_002A quick round-up of what is going on in the careers of the non-Kathryn members of the Cold Case cast.

First up, Danny.  As we all know he’s on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.  It seems to be going well for him and fellow newcomer Kelli Giddish.  Joining a long established show, effectively replacing a much loved character and actor cannot have been easy.  I’m sure that some die-hard fans will not accept such a change but from what I’ve read the audience figures are strong and many do seem to like the contribution Danny and Kelli have made so far.  There is no news on other work by Danny to report on at this time.

Who’s next?

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New Danny Pino Fan Site

001Yesterday I stumbled across a new Danny Pino fan site that I thought some of you might like.  We try and bring you the big Danny news here on KM UK but a dedicated site, giving comprehensive coverage, will do a far better job than we ever can.

To that end Danny’s fans are lucky to have people like Jessica creating sites like aka Danny Pino Online to do just that.  We wish Jessica and her contributors the best of luck in their endeavour, we know what hard work as well as fun these things can be.

A permanent link to Danny Pino Online can now be found in the menu on the right of this site.

KM UK is proud to have supplied collections of Danny screencaps published here in our brief forays away from all things Kathryn to DPO.

If you find a great fan site for a member of the Cold Case cast please let us know so we can help spread the word.

Starpulse Interview With Danny

001I know that many fans of Danny from his Cold Case days check out this site regularly and I like to be able to keep them up to date with major news on his career.  An interview with Danny Pino primarily about his move to Law & Order: SVU would fall normally fall outside even that extension of the remit of this site (see above for details) but I’m prepared to make an additional exception in this case :-)

Brittany Frederick at the entertainment website has managed to snag herself an interview with Danny.  In it they discuss SVU and Cold Case.  Kathryn gets several mentions as does Danny’s feelings about the way Cold Case ended.  I thought it might be of interest to some, hence the posting about it here.

Danny says that the series finale (the last episode of season 7) was written that way to leave things open for the show if it received another season.  Interviews with Kathryn varied in tone but leaned more towards “we knew it was over”.

You can read interview in full on the Starpulse website.

Thank you to Brittany.

Pino Week – Part 3 Of 2 – Update

danny_pino_the_exodus_of_charlie_wright_010_430x180Welcome to part 3 of the increasingly inaccurately named 2 part Pino Week here on KM UK :-)

Two parts didn’t seem enough to justify the “week” title so I thought I’d throw some more things together to make up a third and final post.

First up we have some screencaps from Danny’s appearance in CSI: New York back in 2007.  Danny played his Cold Case character Scotty Valens in a cross-over episode called Cold Reveal (season 3, episode 22).  Personally I don’t think it worked very well as, apart from it being Detective Valens from Philly PD, it had little connection with Cold Case.  There was no corresponding episode of Cold Case with any of the CSI: NY crew in it.  Could they not have continued Stella’s story over in Philly with Lilly and the rest of the team helping out?  How great would a Lilly and Stella pairing have been?  Anyway, hot off the presses are a new set of (not HD) screencaps of Danny in CSI: NY.

And to finish things off we have HD screencaps from the trailer for the 2010 straight-to-video movie Across The Line: The Exodus Of Charlie Wright.  I’ve had these for a while but can’t remember ever doing anything with them.  ATL: TEOCW is about a Bernie Madoff-type guy that hides in Tijuana after his fraudulent activities are revealed and finds himself being hunted by Federal Agents and gangsters.  Aidan Quinn, Andy Garcia and Gina Gershon are amongst the stars.

  • 117 screencaps from CSI: New York S03E22, Cold Reveal, in a 4.5MB zip file on MediaFire
  • 26 HD (720p) screencaps from the trailer of Across the Line: The Exodus Of Charlie Wright in a 2MB zip file on MediaFire

Update:  And for those didn’t see them at the time I put together screencaps of Danny’s two part Burn Notice role back in 2010.  There are around 100 screencaps from each episode, all are 720p HD and with no watermarks or station idents.  You can find those articles HERE and HERE.

Maybe we’ll do this again at sometime in the future.  Perhaps with one of the other members of the CC cast.  As always suggestions are welcome.

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