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A-musing Reminder Of Doctored History

on_set_001It’s been a while since we had reason to post about the not picked up TV drama pilot The Surgeon General.  Not since the last time in fact :-)

In July of 2013 we saw the surprise (and possibly accidental) publication of a promo video for the show.  By then we already knew the show had not been selected for the 2013-2014 TV season by the CBS network.  That decision was clear (largely by omission from announcements, but also by director Rod Lurie Tweeting about it) a couple of months earlier.

Much like the promo video release we can still get the occasional pleasant surprise, even 2 years later.

Rod Lurie spent a bit of time yesterday (18th April) reminiscing on his Tweeter feed with photos from various projects he’s been involved with over the years.  One of them (now in the Gallery) was the one you see above.  That is Rod and Kathryn on the set of The Surgeon General.

Rod should be well known to all Kathryn fans because she has been in most of his feature films.  She starred in Deterrence, The Contender, The Last Castle (in scene that didn’t make the final edit) and Resurrecting The Champ.  For a long time I’ve thought of Kathryn as probably being Rod’s muse.  He’s now confirmed my feelings by posting the above photo with the message:

#KathrynMorris is closest person I have to a muse. In 4 of my films. Here I direct her in a pilot  #SurgeonGeneral.

Hopefully they’ll work together again soon.

Thanks to Rod for the trip back down memory lane.

Kathryn’s Crowning Glory In Retirement – April Fool

kathryn_dentist_430x180As I am sure you are all too aware Kathryn’s been a bit quiet on the acting front since Cold Case ended.

Yes, there have been a few movie roles (Cougars Inc., The Coin, Roommate Wanted, Bone Tomahawk) and more possibly on the horizon (Alice Sweet Alice remake) but that surely can’t be enough for one as talented as Kathryn?

008KM UK has discovered that Kathryn plans to permanently retire from acting in the next 12 months and take up a whole new profession, albeit one tangentially connected to show business.

I’m sure we’ve all fallen in love with Kathryn’s dazzling, room-lighting up, heart-melting smile.  See right for a fantastic example.  It seems to come so naturally to her.  However, it is not as natural as it might appear.  Being so common it should come as no surprise to anyone that Kathryn benefited from the work of dental surgeons to help improve the quality of that beaming grin.  Fillings, crowns and whitening have all been employed.

Recently leaked documents acquired by KM UK revealed that over the past couple of years Kathryn has been learning the secrets of dentistry so she can give back to Hollywood.  This way she can help rising new talents as well as established stars achieve their best look.

In January of 2013 Kathryn enrolled in the Association For Orthodontistry, Ophthalmology & Lips which, as the name suggests, covers many aspects related to the face.  It is like being an ear, nose and throat doctor but much more upfront and external.  Under the tutelage of Professor Dr. Phil McAvity DDS Kathryn has specialised in dental surgery.  After initially having to learn the basics of medicine, having never studied it before, she has spent much of the past 6 months learning the finer points of the craft.

KM UK contacted the association to see if they could shed any further light on this.  Their spokesperson Will E. Spielman gave us the following statement:

We can confirm that Kathryn Morris is a member of the Association For Orthodontistry, Ophthalmology & Lips.  She has been an exemplary student taking on-board an amalgam of work.  The impression she left on all who worked with her was that she will extract the best from herself in the pursuit of her goal.  In few months she will complete the course, capping it all with the crown that is her degree.  We expect Kathryn to bridge the gap to her new career as we say tartar to her.  Acting’s floss is dentistry’s gain.

Everyone here at KM UK wishes Kathryn all the best on her new direction in life.

I for one will be booking my first appointment with Dr Morris as soon as I can.  Any time after 2:30 is good for me 😀

Update:  As many of you will have guessed this was the usual annual attempt at an April Fool’s Day joke.  A.F.O.O.L., spokesperson Will E. Spielman, Phil McAvity, 2:30, all the puns in the statement?  It may not have fooled you but hopefully it was a little entertaining.

Be My Valentine – Update x2


To Kathryn, with great affection

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Who Shot LR?

Cold_Case_S04E24_lilly_195That guy did.  The one with the gun!

It’s not a big mystery.  We are, of course, talking about Stalker the Cold Case season 4 finale in which Ed Marteson draws a gun on the squad in their own building and takes Lilly hostage.  With everything else going on in Lilly’s life (her mother being ill etc.) she needed this situation like she needed a hole in the… err… shoulder.

But why bring this up now?

Joe Reegan the actor who played Ed has done an interview for The Examiner website in which he talks about his role in Cold Case as well has a his work in TV dramas, films and helping to rescue mistreated dogs.

“I did a couple episodes of Cold Case when I first started,” he said. “I ended up doing the season finale with a cliffhanger when I shot Lilly Rush, who was the lead character on the show. The season premiere wasn’t until the next season, so several people came up to me and were like ‘I can’t believe you shot Kathryn Morris!'”

Contrary to expectation it improved his career prospects! :-)

Since taking down Detective Lilly Rush Ed has been in CSI: LV and NY shows, Castle, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Without A Trace, Hawaii Five-0, and Chicago PD.  He will also be in the new Cyber offshoot of the CSI franchise when it starts in March.

Joe is currently promoting a new film Alien Outpost (aka Outpost 37), which is due for a limited release in a few days time.

You can read the full article on The Examiner website HERE.


banner_172_770x361_dianekmfanHappy Birthday Kathryn

from all of us here at KM UK

Yes, it’s our favourite lady’s special day today (28th Jan).

Many thanks to Dianekmfan (the creator of the featured banner above) and desy for contributing birthday-themed banners and wallpapers. You can find them, and many more fan-made images, in the Fan Art section of the KM UK Gallery.  New fan art is always welcome. Please contact me if you want to have your work posted on KM UK.

Please feel free to leave your own messages for Kathryn in the comments below.

Update (29th Jan):  Johnny Messner posted a photo on Instagram/Twitter of a birthday cake he made for Kathryn.  It’s been added to our Gallery.

banner_173_775x361_dianekmfan wallpaper_264_818x564_desy wallpaper_265_864x610_desy


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