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Happy 1st Birthday Boys


Happy Birthday to Jameson & Rocco

It’s been a year?

All parents will recognise the multiple, complex emotions in that question.  It means both:

  • “Blimey Charlie the past year has flown by!  They’ll be married and have kids of their own before we know it!”


  • “My god, it’s been the longest year of our lives!  Tell us it gets easier!”

at the same time.

Yes, today (21st August 2014) it has been one whole year since the birth of Kathryn and Johnny’s boys Jameson and Rocco.

No doubt they’ll be having a great day surrounded by loved ones and presents, and we send them our best wishes.

Update:  Johnny Messner sent a series of Tweets today which I have combined into the larger quote below.

A year ago today exactly 48 minutes ago I met my first son Jameson and 1 minute after came Rocco! Nothing in my life to date has come close to what they have brought into my life! Everyday I am blown away minute to minute on what those boys bring to my life! The overwhelming joy that they bring! For the first time in my life it’s not all about me ! What a relief that is! A great friend of mine told be before they were born that your children come with a loaf of bread! And truer words could not have been spoken@FrankGrillo I am truly blessed! #god#love

Last but certainly not least to Kathryn the mother of my sons , I couldn’t have picked a better mother from a pool of millions ! You have shown me what true love is all about! Your love for the boys is a love I didn’t know existed ! Thank you for being the rock, for always being you ! I love you

Sources: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7

Kathryn Isn’t The 1st Lady?

still_001The no doubt knowledgeable folk (Joe Reid and David Sims in this case) at news website The Wrap have taken the release of the latest Tom Cruise blockbuster movie vehicle, Edge Of Tomorrow, to pronounce on some of his female co-stars.

Joe and David have ranked Tom’s leading ladies in a top 13 based on his films since he last worked with is then wife Nicole Kidman on Eyes Wide Shut in 1999.

Emily Blunt’s character in Edge Of Tomorrow, which is basically War Of The Worlds (the Cruiser’s version) crossed with Groundhog Day, is a lot more forthright than many of the significant female roles in Tom’s other films.  She’s not the comic foil, damsel in distress, or damsel in/out of dat dress.  Clearly this put Emily’s Rita ahead of the pack.  But where do they place Kathryn in this pantheon of actresses?

Kathryn comes in at number 8.  Four slots above Olga Kurylenko in Oblivion.  Cameron Diaz is in the top 10 twice for Knight And Day and Vanila Sky.  Her co-star in that remake, Penelope Cruz (who was reprising her role from the original), is also in there.  Thandie Newton for Mission: Impossible II, Andrea Riseborough also in Oblivion and Michelle Monaghan and in Mission: Impossible 3 fill out the other top spots.

The guys say that Kathryn in “invests a lot of compassion in her performance” in her role as the estranged wife of Tom’s pre-crime cop in Minority Report.  But, they also say that Cold Case “ran for approximately ten thousand years on CBS” so facts may not be a feature of their pieces :-)

Of course few of the other women listed can not claim to have been Tom Cruise’s wife, Brad Pitt’s wife (Moneyball), Ben Affleck’s paramour (Paycheck), and Josh Hartnett’s ex (Resurrecting The Champ).  That is many of Hollywood finest right there.  Not to mention that Kathryn was one of the few foes that bested Xena: Warrior Princess and nearly stole her gal.  And, none of these ladies did seven years on a highly rated TV drama series either!  Not a bad strike rate.

You can read the article on The Wrap.  What are your thoughts?

And that’s a wrap!

Happy Mother’s Day Kathryn – Update

banner_171_467x153_ginaFrom everyone here at KM UK

It is not often we get the chance to inaugurate a new annual event on this site.  Today we do.

Following what we’ll call “the incident” Kathryn became a mother to twin boys last year, making this her first Mother’s Day as a mother.  In America, and many other parts of the world, today (11th May 2014) is Mother’s Day.

KM UK stalwart Gina (aka Lolly) has very kindly put together some lovely graphical and musical accompaniments to help us mark the occasion.

On the visual front you can see a banner, avatar and wallpaper Gina has made around this post.  All three have joined the multitude of Fan Art in the Gallery.  As a treat for the ears she has also compiled a playlist of songs inspired by Kathryn’s new found parental status.  You can listen to the chosen songs HERE on the 8track website.  Thank you for doing this Gina.

avatar_266_100x100_gina wallpaper_258_1024x768_gina

Update (12 May): Johnny Messner (Kathryn’s partner and father of her twin boys) sent the following Tweet to his followers yesterday:

Happy Mother’s Day everyone ! I watch Kathryn with our sons and I am in awe of what a amazing mother she is! Today is a beautiful day #love – Link

Exclusive – The Baby Truth – April Fool

evil_baby_300x300Last August was such a happy time in the Morris-Messner household.  We were privileged to share a small part of that joy as Kathryn and Johnny let the world know about the new additions to their family.  However, KM UK has discovered that things may not be as they appear.

Remember the differences in the details provided in August?  Soon after the big event Johnny gave a time of delivery and weights for the two newborns.  Four days later the official KM website stated it was 20 minutes later and with greater poundage for each boy.  In early September a photo of a baby, apparently called “Ed”, was posted (and swiftly deleted) on Johnny’s Tweeter feed.  Back then the discrepancies were put down to errors, misunderstandings and hacking.

johnny_twitter_006_20130819Suspicions were initially raised in the later stages of the pregnancy.  It was clear from photos taken at the Plush show, the Jerry Bruckheimer Walk Of Fame and book launch events, and others (see left), that Kathryn was too large for her to be expecting only twins.  Medical records obtained for this site by an informer known only as ‘A Lil’ Proof’ give a disturbing picture of the pregnancy.

KM UK can exclusively reveal the explanation for all this:  Kathryn gave birth to not two babies, but three.  Yes, it was TRIPLETS!

But why were we not told about this?  Because to do so would make public a terrible secret.  A truth they didn’t want the world to know.  The third baby, “Ed”, is EVIL!

It all makes sense if we examine the facts:

  • The name “Ed” matches a 1995 horror movie called “Evil Ed”.
  • The additional, larger weight.  Evil babies are heavier.
  • Each baby weight starts with a 6.  666.  Coincidence?
  • The later delivery time.  Evil babies are always difficult births.
  • The demonic black eyes of baby “Ed” in the deleted Twitter photo.
  • The ‘accidentally’ released photo with “Ed” trying to eat Jameson or Rocco.

The shame of harbouring such a monster means they will never admit the truth, but evidence is mounting.  KM UK has received reports that since September neighbours have been hearing strange noises coming from Kathryn’s home at all hours of the day.  Sounds that have been described as “inhuman”.

Clearly “Ed” has Johnny and Kathryn living in fear but they have have been trying, possibly unconsciously, to ask for help by leaving hidden messages for people to find.  The confused weights, the deleted Tweet, etc. etc..

We need to alert the elders to help save Kathryn.  Please do what you can but don’t try and contact her or Johnny directly because you might put them at risk.

Update:  It will come as no surprise to anyone that this was my annual attempt at a humorous piece for April Fool’s Day.  You won’t have been fooled but hopefully you’ve been entertained.

Be My Valentine – Update


To a very special lady

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