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Surgeon General – DOA – Update


The American TV network CBS has today (15th May 2013) released their broadcast schedules for the upcoming 2013-2014 season.  New TV show Surgeon General starring Jason Issacs and Kathryn is not on it.

Sad as it may be for all of us hoping to see Kathryn return to the small screen on a regular basis this is not entirely surprising.  During the announcements and speculation of the past week Surgeon General was hardly ever mentioned.  This is despite Jason being a much sort after star for the latest round of pilots.  He is understood to have fielded several offers.

Putting the final nail in the coffin of our hopes Rod Lurie, director of the Surgeon General pilot, has Tweeted:

Ah, SURGEONGENERAL, which I directed for CBS, didn’t get picked up. But network and studio were super supportive and cool. Stuff happens. – LINK

We just wish we could see the pilot.  Sadly it is unlikely to ever be broadcast.

We are very sorry to hear this news, even if it was becoming increasingly inevitable, and wish all those that took part and helped make the show all the best.

Update (prior to the Upfront event):  Earlier today Nina Tassler, CBS Entertainment President, was quoted as saying “When we get back to LA we’ll probably have other conversations” when asked about additional show pick-ups.  So, shows that have so far not had good news could get a reprieve.

3 comments to Surgeon General – DOA – Update

  • Mary Mikesell

    That is sad that “Surgeon General” pilot is not going to air on the small screen. Kathryn has 2 baby boys on the way and this has to happen!

  • Finn

    Well,I wouldn’t hold my breathe,on the comment Nina Tassler made!! What ever chance,The Surgeon General had,she basically,gave it the not a chance & dashed all hopes!! Of course,we can all hope for a miracle & the show gets picked-up,in the Spring!!!

  • amei

    hey Finn, I’m coming back from my holiday soon!! see ya!! xoxo

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