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Spartacus Season 3 & Najara To Make A Comeback? – April Fool

Xena_S04E18_081*** SPOILER ALERT ***

This article and the linked interview contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Friday night (30th March 2012) saw the dramatic conclusion to season 2 (season 3 if you count the prequel mini-series) of the Starz TV hit show Spartacus.

The reluctance to shy away from killing off characters many would assume sacred was taken to shocking extreme as the finale drew to a close.  You’d think that being the star that brought in the crowds, had worked with many of the crew before, and is married to one of the show’s Executive Producers would give you some job security.  Apparently not, as the death of Lucy Lawless‘s character proves. This is not one of those “but they’ll bring them back somehow” deals either as Michael Ausiello’s interview with Spartacus Executive Producer Steven S. DeKnight makes clear.

So where does this leave Spartacus for season 3? A largely new cast including several new female characters. And what does this have to do with us here at KM UK?  A well informed someone who has chosen to go by the name of Maj-kat has let me know that they would really like Kathryn to take a significant role in season 3.  They know her well from her time on Xena, she is clear of her Cold Case commitments and has shown a willingness to take on more… errr… adventurous roles (*cough*Cougars, Inc.*cough*).  Call make-up, we may need a blonde merkin! 😉

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Be My Valentine


To Kathryn,
with endless devotion

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Starpulse Interview With Danny

001I know that many fans of Danny from his Cold Case days check out this site regularly and I like to be able to keep them up to date with major news on his career.  An interview with Danny Pino primarily about his move to Law & Order: SVU would fall normally fall outside even that extension of the remit of this site (see above for details) but I’m prepared to make an additional exception in this case :-)

Brittany Frederick at the entertainment website has managed to snag herself an interview with Danny.  In it they discuss SVU and Cold Case.  Kathryn gets several mentions as does Danny’s feelings about the way Cold Case ended.  I thought it might be of interest to some, hence the posting about it here.

Danny says that the series finale (the last episode of season 7) was written that way to leave things open for the show if it received another season.  Interviews with Kathryn varied in tone but leaned more towards “we knew it was over”.

You can read interview in full on the Starpulse website.

Thank you to Brittany.


wallpaper_179_3000x2000_ameiWe don’t do a lot of shouting around these parts but some things need yelling from the rooftops :-)

Kathryn, best wishes to you from everyone here at KM UK.  We hope you have a wonderful day.

The full version of amei‘s wallpaper seen above includes wonderfully chosen lyrics from Rock & Roll Queen by The Subways.  I’m going to be cheeky and borrow some of them as they are so appropriate:

You are the sun
You are the only one
You are so cool
You are so rock and roll

And to lower the tone back to my usual level:  A variation on the saying “you are only as old as you feel” gets bandied about on these occasions so it would be remiss of me to not slip in a “if you want to feel a few years younger, I’m available.”  😉

Kathryn’s 1987 Yearbook

young_001_windsor_locks_high_school_yearbook_1987Naj over at the Cold Case discussion board Look Again has unearthed a hidden gem from the archives of our little star.

A site dedicated to actual cold cases in Connecticut has a difficult to find page that has some photos of one of its locals that is now very much associated with cold cases.  Kathryn was a graduate of Connecticut’s Windsor Locks High School in 1987.  The site has a scan of the her entry in the school’s yearbook from 1987.

As you can see the image contains several shots of the then 18 year old Kathryn Susan Morris.  Awww.  Kathryn certainly got to achieve some of her ambitions.

You can find the full image in the Gallery.

Big thanks to the CT Cold Case site and the original scan for posting it and to Naj for finding it and letting us know.

young_001_windsor_locks_high_school_yearbook_1987_001 young_001_windsor_locks_high_school_yearbook_1987_001

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