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Silly Season – National Enquirer

national_enquirer_001Following up from the previous follow up step forward The National Enquirer with its own variation on this tabloid theme.  You can now find a scan of their take on the Brangelina/Kathryn tug-of-love nonsense in the Gallery.  The full text of the story can be found below.

Big thanks again to magazine girl Sammie for her help.
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Silly Season – Star Magazine

star_001Following up the previous post covering an article in Star Magazine about Kathryn and Brad Pitt’s friendship we now have scans of the article, they can be found in the Gallery.  The full text of the article is posted below for ease of reading and translation for the non-English speakers.

Thanks to my periodical pal Sammie. debunks the story HERE.
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Silly Season Is Well Under Way

I know this is silly.  You know this is silly.  So let’s treat it as such.  I’m just reporting the reporting.

As we all know the tabloids really love to make a story out of nothing.  Kathryn starring in a film with Brad Pitt has really made her a new focus for their attention.

Cele|bitchy is has a story on a Star Magazine story involving Brad and Kathryn.  We’ve got this up to 3rd hand gossip nonsense!

The story within a story goes like this:
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(Mrs) Beane Dumped For The Game?

It’s another tabloid story told in a very tabloid way.  Some how they’ve taken a part of a movie and made it about an actor’s personal life because he is with another very famous actress.  As sad/pathetic/silly it is you do have to sort of admire it the skill required to twist it around like that.

It does gives some credence to the earlier Star magazine story but let’s not take it too seriously.  How can you when they use the phrase “newcomer” to describe Kathryn?

I’ll let tell it in their own style in this extract: has obtained a copy of the film’s script, and we can tell you that his character, Oakland A’s real-life General Manager Billy Beane, leaves a hot and sexy Hawaiian vacation with his wife, Tara (reportedly to be played by newcomer Kathryn Morris), to organize his team after losing one of their best players, Jason Giambi.

Does this mean Kathryn gets to shoot on location in Hawaii with Brad?

Item quoted in full after the break and can be found HERE on the website.

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Kathryn Signs With Gersh

In the original news item about Kathryn being in negotiations to star in Moneyball it was mentioned in passing that she had signed with The Gersh Agency, having left WME back in April.

The other day (26th August 2010) reported that Kathryn has indeed signed with The Gersh Agency.  A snippet from the piece.

GERSH has signed film and TV actress Heather Graham. Also Kathryn Morris, Henry Ian Cusick (Lost), and writer/director Daryl Wein & Zoe Lister-Jones (Breaking Upwards) who sold their original comedy pitch And Motherf***cker off a logline Sunday night to Fox Searchlight.

Read the full item on

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