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Be My Valentine


To Kathryn,
with boundless affection

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wallpaper_077_2073x3000_smallbarbieToday’s the day.  The 28th of January 2011 is Kathryn’s 42nd birthday.

Kathryn, happy birthday from everyone here at KM UK.  Have a wonderful day, we hope it marks the beginning of great year for you.  We send our very best wishes.  If you happen to read this please let us know.

Dear readers, please feel free to leave your birthday greetings for Kathryn in the comments.

I don’t want to take anything away from Kathryn on this special day but KM UK is celebrating something of an anniversary of its own today: the triple century.  Yes, this is the 300th post!

Updated: new banner image by smallbarbie.

Kathryn In Public Magazine October 2010

page_07The French press don’t want to let this one go do they? I thought they were finished last time but apparently not.  At least they used some great photos from the Creative Arts Emmys to illustrate the “story.”

This time it’s Public magazine, a tabloid scandal sheet like The National Enquirer rather than a TV magazine, that runs the whole Kathryn/Brad story.  It’s a rehash of the Star and National Enquirer stories.

Scan of the pages can be found in the Gallery A transcript of the French text and another of my Google-assisted attempts at an English translation can be after the jump.

Thanks to yet again Rusher for the scans.

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KM & Cold Case In Télé Loisirs October 2010

coverAs mentioned in passing yesterday (after delaying it by a few days already because of other news items) we return to our French TV magazine theme with another set of scans, a transcript and a translation. This time it is Télé Loisirs.  The article covers both the return of Cold Case to French television screens and the daft tabloid story about Kathryn and Brad.

Large-sized scans of the cover and inside pages can now be found in the Gallery.  The transcript and translation are after the jump.

Thanks to Rusher again for this one.

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Silly Season – National Enquirer

national_enquirer_001Following up from the previous follow up step forward The National Enquirer with its own variation on this tabloid theme.  You can now find a scan of their take on the Brangelina/Kathryn tug-of-love nonsense in the Gallery.  The full text of the story can be found below.

Big thanks again to magazine girl Sammie for her help.
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