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Silly Season – National Enquirer

national_enquirer_001Following up from the previous follow up step forward The National Enquirer with its own variation on this tabloid theme.  You can now find a scan of their take on the Brangelina/Kathryn tug-of-love nonsense in the Gallery.  The full text of the story can be found below.

Big thanks again to magazine girl Sammie for her help.

Angelina rages at Brad

Stay Away from co-star!

Crush on ‘Moneyball’ hottie Kathryn Morris hits too close to home

A JEALOUS Angelina Jolie unloaded on Brad Pitt over his close relationship with his sexy blonde co-star, sources say.

The 46-year-old father of six is smitten with hottie Kathryn Morris – raving that she combines the best traits of Angelina and his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston!

“Kathryn is a bubbly, girl-next-door type, just like Jen. But she’s also strong-willed, outspoken and independent like Angie,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“BRAD HAS A HUGE CRUSH on her, and its wreaking havoc on his relationship with Angie.”

Besides her role in Brad’s baseball movie “Moneyball” Kathryn, 41, also stars as homicide detective Lilly Rush on the CBS drama “Cold Case,” and an on-set flirtation with Brad has blossomed into an intense friendship, the source added.

“Angie lost it after she saw pictures of Brad and Kathryn looking too close for comfort on the ‘Moneyball’ set. She cornered Brad and demanded to know whether they were having an affair,” the insider divulged.

When Brad denied any hanky-panky, Angie seethed, “You better never – you’ll live to regret it!  She also warned Kathryn, ‘Hands off my man!'”

The sexy “Salt” star, 35, knows well how on-screen romances can develop into the real thing, added the source. Angie hooked up with a then-married Brad on the set of their 2005 romantic caper “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” but their turbulent relationship has been hanging by a thread.

As The ENQUIRER has reported, Brad recently confessed to Angelina that he’d fallen our of love with her.  So when “Moneyball” began production in early July, Brad was ripe for female attention.

“Brad confided in Kathryn about his problems with Angie, their arguments and their family life,” said the source.

But it’s not likely Kathryn – who’s been romantically linked to producer/director David Barrett will make any headway with Brad, said the source.

“Angie and Brad may not have a perfect relationship, but it’ll be a cold day in hell before Angie lets another woman steal I her man!”

14 comments to Silly Season – National Enquirer

  • Icywinter2

    This is so untrue, I’m laughing so hard from this silly article. We all know that Angelina isn’t Jeolous and there is no close relationship between Brad and Kathryn.

    Second, how many more copycat articles are we going to see. It’s really enough, especially since the movie is already finished filming and Brad is in Budapest with Angie right now. Both Star and National enquirer need to find someone else to write about, do they really think that people will believe this; surely not

  • Lolly

    Oh, National Enquirer, NOW it’s a party. :p Hahaha, this is hilarious.

    • Icywinter2

      On has to wonder just how many would actually believe this hilarious untrue article. Tabloid writers do have some vivid imagination, don’t they :-)

  • TRB

    *sighs* well, look at the bright side. More of these hilariously stupid articles means more exposition for KM which means more potential film roles for her.

    • Icywinter2

      Not in a good way either, I don’t think any movie director or casting director would believe this. This doesn’t put Kathryn in a good spotlight, even though it’s completely untrue

      • TRB

        We can hope that directors are smarter than the average sheep who believe this nonsense.

        • Icywinter2

          This is exactly why Star and National Enquirer constantly get sued by celebs. Kathryn deserves to have something true written about her, than this garbage.

          At least a newspaper interview or on tv. People Magazine at least doesn’t make up stuff like this, they actually talk to celebs.

          Hopefully, an Hollywood Director, Producer or writers looks beyond this untrue fabrication. If there is one more article I’m sure that either Brad and Angelina or Kathryn will sue for untrue slander.

  • TRB

    Kathryn, 41, also stars as homicide detective Lilly Rush on the CBS drama “Cold Case,

    I’m shocked they got the name of her character right.


    A jealous Enquirer has a huge crush (on) Brad.

    Hence there true reason for writing this BS article.

    😉 (semi-joking)

    • They spelt Lilly correctly, which is unusual, but they got the tense wrong. You’d think they’d like to take the opportunity to mention the fact that CC was cancelled.

      • TRB

        Yeah, I noticed that too. Apparently they were too busy lusting after one of three to notice.

        ***** 2000th comment *****
        This is the 2000th comment posted on KM UK. Congratulations TRB. – RichE

  • Lilith

    I know this sound tacky as hell, but this may be good for Kathryn; sort of. Let these losers keep typing up fake stories. Brad, Angie, and Kathy all know what’s really good. So I’m sure they could care less. And they’re getting publicity to-boot

    • TRB

      From what I’ve read, Brad and Angie don’t even read this crap, and I suspect that Kathryn is the same way.

    • I’m sure you meant “couldn’t care less”, its a common mistake.

      I agree Lillith. The directors etc. in Hollywood are hardly likely to take notice of the contents of such stories, unless they involve repeated bad behaviour (drink, drugs etc.). They know there is little substance to them and are part of the game. It does, however, put Kathryn’s name in front of them.

      Stories like these will raise Kathryn’s profile amongst the public as well. This will increase likelihood of her getting other roles.

  • Icywinter2

    @Lilth- It isn’t good publicity to boot, it’s actually bad and untrue. Celebrities do care and stuff like this is exactly why they sue these magazines over this type of untrue nonsense.

    Hopefully we’ll see some kind of true stuff about Kathryn and this movie, I would really love to see that about her character and her own experience.

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