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Silly Season Gets An Annual Update

screenshot_001Apparently silly season has its own version of the Indian Summer.  Who knew?  :-)

You and I know this is a stupid story.  Let’s hope that the people of the National Enquirer really know it as well or there really is no hope for civilisation.

For some reason the US tabloid has decided to dredge up the Kathryn/Brad/Angelina story that was first fabricated last year when the movie Moneyball was filming.  But they are not repeating that nonsense.  No, of course not.  Heaven forbid.

Surprisingly late to the party, as Moneyball has been out several weeks, the Enquirer has spotted that Kathryn’s scenes are not in the movie.  I’ll leave it to them, in their own inimitable style, to try explain that cutting Kathryn’s scenes made sense for the movie.  They are not implying anything at all.  Honest.

The article on the National Enquirer website is not available outside the US so I’ve copied the text below.

Update (13 Oct):  ZimGossip is carrying the story on a more widely available site HERE.  Also, Sophie S. Benvenuti at has written a similar piece to mine about the National Enquirer article.  You can read her take in this “news” HERE.

DID Snippy ANGIE snip SEXY STAR out of Smitten BRAD’s hit flick?


Hot gossip headlines like “In LUST!” ballyhooed sizzling chemistry and budding romance between Brad Pitt and sexy blonde co-star KATHRYN MORRIS, who played his second wife in home run hit “Moneyball” – but suddenly, following published reports that ANGELINA JOLIE was steaming with jealousy, ALL of Kathryn’s scenes were mysteriously CHOPPED!

Instantly, whispers whipped up that Angie was behind the shocking celluloid massacre – but here’s the real scoop from My Moneyball Spy, who reports: “When Brad, who’s also one of the producers, saw the rough final cut of the film, he felt the story line worked better with him NOT getting happily remarried, because his character’s essentially a loner.

“So he ordered all of Kathryn’s scenes to be cut – even though you can see he’s still wearing a gold wedding ring throughout the movie. That’s because it was far too expensive to reshoot the scenes, or to have the ring digitally removed.

“The only spouse that made the cut is the ex-wife of Brad’s character, played by ROBIN WRIGHT.”

(I can hear you smart gossip fans asking: “Mike, are you sure Angie had nothing to do with Brad’s decision to cut Kathryn?” No comment, folks.)

By Mike Walker @ The National Enquirer

3 comments to Silly Season Gets An Annual Update

  • icywinter2

    So untrue, I don’t know why anyone would believe this made up garbage. None of what they said is true, just another stupid story that will get them sued. Nothing they print is based on truth. It all comes back to the stupid Brad/Jen relationship that no one can seem to drop.

    This story is so stupid and untrue. The director is the one who cut the scenes and Bennett Miller did say that…

    I hate Tabloids.

  • icywinter2

    I wish they would stop portaying Kathryn in the negetive light. They got her all wrong, she’s not an oversexed celebrity.

  • Oh my goodness. :p
    The Enquirer never fails to give me a laugh whenever I need one. :p