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Silly Season – National Enquirer

national_enquirer_001Following up from the previous follow up step forward The National Enquirer with its own variation on this tabloid theme.  You can now find a scan of their take on the Brangelina/Kathryn tug-of-love nonsense in the Gallery.  The full text of the story can be found below.

Big thanks again to magazine girl Sammie for her help.
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Silly Season – Star Magazine

star_001Following up the previous post covering an article in Star Magazine about Kathryn and Brad Pitt’s friendship we now have scans of the article, they can be found in the Gallery.  The full text of the article is posted below for ease of reading and translation for the non-English speakers.

Thanks to my periodical pal Sammie. debunks the story HERE.
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Silly Season Is Well Under Way

I know this is silly.  You know this is silly.  So let’s treat it as such.  I’m just reporting the reporting.

As we all know the tabloids really love to make a story out of nothing.  Kathryn starring in a film with Brad Pitt has really made her a new focus for their attention.

Cele|bitchy is has a story on a Star Magazine story involving Brad and Kathryn.  We’ve got this up to 3rd hand gossip nonsense!

The story within a story goes like this:
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Baseball Brad Reaches 2nd Base With Kathryn?

star_001File this one under “movie gossip”: rumoured possible racy scene between our girl and Brad 😮

It’s an item from a recent edition of Star magazine in the USA.  I don’t know but I’m guessing Star is a tabloid-style gossip rag, so hardly the most reliable of sources.  The “story” was posted as a small insert alongside a larger piece about Brad’s missus, Angelina Jolie, spending time with a mysterious female.  It is a lot of unsubtle nudge-nudge wink-wink stuff.  I’m not putting a huge amount of faith in the content but you never know.  It is what it is.  Read the text from the piece is after the jump.

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