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The Coin At Shorts Festival On Sunday

hang_onto_your_shorts_film_festival_logo_640x640A quick reminder about an upcoming Kathryn-related event.

As reported a month ago, Fabien Martorell’s short film The Coin is getting an airing at the Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival this coming Sunday (24th April 2016).

The event is held in the Asbury Park area of New Jersey, aka the Jersey Shore.

The Coin finds itself in a group of films which starts at 4:40pm at the Showroom Cinema on Cookman Avenue, NJ.  Presumably as there is no obvious theme and it is the final set of the day the group has been titled ‘Last Set’.

Kathryn stars in the piece as the mother of a young boy who encounters a homeless man (Christopher Lloyd of Back To The Future fame).  Life is not easy for the boy, thanks largely to his stressed-out mother, and the stranger gives him words of encouragement.

See my previous post here for more and the official website here for all the details.

Not So Real Housewife Of The Jersey Shorts

hang_onto_your_shorts_film_festival_logo_640x640This is KM UK’s 100th item about Fabien Martorell’s short film The Coin aka You Can’t Keep A Good Short Down.

Nearly four years on from our first post about the film (in July 2012) it is returning to the short film festival circuit for an outing in 2016.

The Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival is due to have its third running in a month’s time on Sunday the 24th of April.

Based in Asbury Park, New Jersey (south of New York and east of Philadelphia), the festival was started to bring a bit of the creative arts back to the area that was devastated by hurricane Sandy in 2011.

Running from around 10am to a little after 6pm the event is split into 4 or 5 screenings across three venues.  Each screening has multiple films in 90-120 minutes.  There is some attempt at grouping films into themes but the The Coin being in the ‘Last Set’, due to it being the final group of the day at The Showroom Cinema on Cookman Avenue, gives you some idea of the way things are.  There is no repetition of films so even if you did travel to different theatres between screenings you could not see everything.

As you should know by now Kathryn stars in the 9 minute long The Coin as a stressed mother who takes her son to a shop where he meets a kindly homeless man played by Christopher Lloyd.

The Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival website has all the details here.

Thanks to Fabien for letting us know about this one.

The Coin Is Sent To Coventry

rootstoshoots_logo_260x206But in a good way, of course.

We might have almost forgotten about it but The Coin keeps on popping-up.  Perhaps it is appropriate that this old acquaintance has resurfaced just in time for Xmas.

Friend of the site writer/director/producer Fabien Martorell has let it been known that his Christopher Lloyd/Kathryn Morris starring short film The Coin is making another event appearance.

On Xmas eve-eve-eve in the city of Coventry here in the UK the Roots To Shoots organisation is holding another film night made up of short films from around the world.  It takes place this coming Tuesday, the 22nd of December 2015, at The Tin Music & Arts, The Coal Vaults.  It is in the heart of the city, right next to a section of canal

I’ve found almost no information about the films showing apart from what is apparently a rare showing of a short called Stew & Punch by Simon Ellis.  A dinner takes a turn for the worse when the hosts start arm wrestling.

The only other film, again apparently, being shown that we know of is Fabien’s project after The Coin called Unbelief.  Fabien mentioned it as well.  Unbelief is also a short and stars Tobin Bell (the Saw movies) and Andrew Howard (soon to be seen on Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. series).  One them is an assassin, it’s Xmas Eve.  I’m assuming that the assassin is on the ‘naughty list’ and is out for revenge  :-)

The show starts at 7:30pm and runs until 11pm so there is time for plenty of films of around 15 minutes long.  It is only £5 (less than $8 and €7) to get in with tickets only sold at the door.

You can find a few more details on The Tin Arts & Music website here.

SNOB Has Two Sided Coin

snob_film_festival_960x355As reported three weeks ago The Coin makes a return to the festival circuit in New Hampshire, USA.

Since the news broke the Somewhat North Of Boston Film Festival has released its full schedule of screenings during the three four day event.  The last day is a recent addition, which allows another viewing of a selection of short films.

The Coin will be shown twice, each time in a group of themed short films.

The first is on the opening night (12th of Nov) at 8:30pm in an 85 minute block titled ‘Friends & Family’.

Number two is on Saturday (14th of Nov).  It is a two part affair starting at 3:15pm with a section called ‘Searching…’.  After an hour or so filled with seven films there is a break.  At 4:30pm things kick off again with ‘…& More’ and another seven films.  The Coin is in the second half.

In both cases the short film blocks are being shown in auditorium B of the Red River Theatres on Main Street, Concord, New Hampshire.

More details can, of course, be found on the official SNOB website.

SNOB Doesn’t Turn Its Nose Up At The Coin

snob_film_festival_960x355You probably thought we’d heard the last of The Coin.  Me too.

No, it turns up with out warning like a bad penny.  But in a good way of course :-)

Yesterday the writer/director/producer of the short film The Coin, Fabien Martorell, let us know that his work has been selected for another film festival.

This time its the people of Boston get the benefit of the 9 minute long drama starring Christopher Lloyd (The Addams Family) and Kathryn.  She’s the stressed mother taking her young son to a local store to buy groceries.  He’s the homeless man sat on the pavement/sidewalk out front who gives the boy a few words of wisdom.

The oddly named Somewhat North Of Boston Film Festival will be screening The Coin during its 3-day event in mid-November.  At the time of writing we don’t have specific details on when it will be shown.  I’ll bring you more when I can.

Interesting name that.  Concord, New Hampshire, home to the SNOB Film Fest is indeed ‘somewhat north’ of Boston, Massachusetts.  It’s also ‘somewhat north’ of New Boston, New Hampshire.  Why not go plural?  I guess it sounds better than Somewhat North Of Manchester (the New Hampshire version).  SNOB vs SNOM.

There’s not a lot there at the moment but browse the official SNOB website in anticipation.

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