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The Coin Takes Silverware From The Tavern

brightside_tavern_film_fest_logo_310x260Congratulations to Fabien Martorell and everyone involved in making his short film The Coin.

After yesterday’s screening at the The Brightside Tavern Film Festival the film was the recipient of the award for Best Concept.

Proof, if further proof were needed, that putting Kathryn in a movie is always a good concept! :-)

The Coin was also nominated in categories covering best short and best directing in a drama, and best cinematography.

That brings the silverware collection up to six for the Kathryn and Christopher Lloyd-starring 9 minute drama about the young son of a stressed mother meeting a homeless man.

The Coin @ Brightside Tavern On Sunday

brightside_tavern_film_fest_logo_310x260Another quick reminder of a screening of a Kathryn-starring film in the next few days.

It’s a busy weekend upcoming for The Coin.  After the Saturday showing at the HollyShorts event it gets an outing at The Brightside Tavern Film Festival on Sunday (16th August).

Starting at 5:05pm the screening at the Jersey City venue includes seven other short films.  The only thing the selection appear to have in common is that they are all being showing in the group.

A bit of interest is the fact that Fabien Martorell’s movie has been nominated for awards in four categories.  The awards show is due to take place after the final session, which just happens to be the one that involves The Coin.  Fingers crossed.

All the information is available on the BTFF website.

The Coin @ HollyShorts On Saturday

hollyshorts_film_fest_poster_1582x2048A quick reminder.

This coming Saturday (15th August) Fabien Martorell’s short film The Coin is scheduled to be shown at the HollyShorts Film Festival.

The screening titled ‘Family Films’ starts at 12 noon at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres on Hollywood Boulevard and involves nine loosely themed films.  There is mix of nationalities, genres and subject matters.

Details can be found on the official HollyShorts Film Festival website.

The Coin Gets Time At HollyShorts

hollyshorts_film_fest_poster_1582x2048As promised/threatened* we now have more details on the screening of The Coin at the HollyShorts Film Festival.

The long running** Hollywood-based short film festival, which takes place in mid-August at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres, has released a schedule of screenings.

The Coin will be shown as part of a group of nine films under the banner ‘Family Films’.  In keeping with the theme the event takes place on Saturday, 15th August at a family-friendly 12:00pm***

The set are a mix of animation and live action films.  They cover a variety of subjects and come from all over the world including places like Denmark, France, and not surprisingly America.

More details and tickets at a very reasonable**** $15 are available on the official HollyShorts Film Festival website.

* delete as applicable

** this will be the 11th/it is 10 days in duration

*** that’s noon

**** you may think otherwise

The Coin Gets Noms At The Tavern

brightside_tavern_film_fest_logo_310x260The ‘tavern’ being the Brightside Tavern, host to The Brightside Tavern Film Festival.

The ‘noms’ are the four nominations that the short film The Coin has received at the BTFF event due to take place in mid-August in Jersey City.  The categories are:

  • Best Short Film – Drama
  • Best Director – Drama
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Concept

As well as the great news the film is up for more awards we now have more details on the screening itself, after first bringing you news of the event a couple of weeks ago.

Writer/producer/director Fabien Martorell’s 9 minute long movie starring Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future) and Kathryn will be shown on the 16th of August, a Sunday, as part of a group of films starting at 5:05pm.  The screening is described as ‘Downstairs 4’, presumably because it is the fourth taking place in a basement area.

More details and a link to the ticket sales are on the BTFF website.

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