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The Coin’s San Pedro Film Fest Details

poster_001The previous post made me check on the other upcoming festivals where The Coin will be screened.

san_pedro_international_film_festival_300x308The Sunday after the St. Cloud International Film Festival showing it is the turn of San Pedro International Film Festival‘s (SPIFF) turn.  We previously reported on it here.

1pm on the 12th of October at the Grand Annex, 434 West 6th Street, San Pedro, The Coin will be part of the “Short Takes 3” event along with 6 other films.

Renée O’Connor, best known as Gabrielle on Xena: Warrior Princess stars in one of those.  It is 9 minute long short, like The Coin, set in the 1930s ‘Great Depression’ called The Usual.  Kathryn, as you of course know, guest starred in a couple of episodes Xena as a religious crusader called Najara.  Despite not being as powerful as some of Xena’s foes, she came closest of all to stealing Gabrielle away from her.

Kathryn and Renée on one bill!  That has to be worth a look!  No matter how brief  😉

Tickets ($11 in total) for the screening are available, along with full details, on the SPIFF website here.

St Cloud’s Forecast For October

saint_cloud_film_fest_poster_621x960Clouds are ephemeral things but the St. Cloud Film Festival is firming up.

Just two weeks ago we brought you the news that the short film The Coin had been chosen to be part of the line up of the St. Cloud Film Festival.

At the time there was little detail available regarding actual screening events within the 6 day event.

In the past couple of days the organisers have released a preliminary schedule of happenings which means we can now say with some certainty where and when The Coin can be seen.

Sunday, the 5th of October at 3pm a collection of 11 short films of various types will be shown at the Pioneer Place Theatre in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

The tickets are already on sale at the very reasonable price of $5 for a screening totalling nearly 2 hours of films.  A ticket covering the whole festival is only $20.  See the event’s website here for more details.

Any Minnesotans out there going along?

The Coin Turns To Gold (Coast)

gold_coast_international_film_festival_851x315I know what you’re thinking: “it’s been ages since we heard about The Coin appearing at a new film festival.”

Well, worry no more  :-)

screenshot_001When I first read Fabien Martorell’s message letting us know (thanks to him) about this my mind, not surprisingly, headed ‘down under’.  I was all ready to make references to the 2018 Commonwealth Games, sun, sea and sand.  The initial research into the Gold Coast International Film Festival didn’t immediately disabuse me of this idea.  Then I saw the address.

The Gold Coast in question is a nickname for the northerly coast of Long Island, USA, not the one Queensland, Australia.  With all due respect to the residents of New York state I’m guessing that they are not quite the same.

I am also going to go out on a limb and suggest that the weather in the north east of America in early November will not the same as the east coast of Australia at the same time.  Surfers Paradise vs snowman’s delight  :-)

The GCIFF will be taking place at the Great Neck Arts Center, Great Neck, New York over the course of the first full week in November.

As we’ve become used to at this stage the exact details of the film festival are not yet finalised so we’ll have to update you nearer the time.  Check out the official event website here.

The Coin On Set Interview With Kathryn – Update

exclusive_interview_screenshot_001This is a nice little surprise.

We’re in danger of becoming this site dedicated to the short film The Coin and a Fabien Martorell appreciation society, but that’s OK.

Today we have to thank Fabien for posting a video taken on the set of The Coin when it filmed back in the summer of 2012.

The video, hosted on Vimeo here, sees Kathryn explaining her reasons for taking on the role of the under stress mother.  Christopher Lloyd also makes a brief appearance.

It is so nice to see Kathryn on screen again like this, even if it is so brief.

Update: A copy of the video and screencaps from it have been added to the Gallery.  The video page includes a transcript of what Kathryn says to help any one wanting to translate it into their native language.

The Coin Reaches For The (Saint) Cloud(s)

saint_cloud_film_fest_poster_621x960Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

For the fourth day in a row we have news regarding Fabien Martorell’s (thanks to him again) short film The Coin featuring in a film festival.  This time it is the Saint Cloud Film Festival in Minnesota, in the north of the United States.

This is all proving to be quite a geography lesson for me.  I’d never heard of St Cloud.  It sounds like an unusual place name but it turns out there’s quite a few of them around, including one in the neighbouring state of Wisconsin.  You live and learn.

Anyway, the 4th annual St Cloud Film Fest is happening in early October.

Despite tickets being on sale already there is, so far, no detail available on the screenings or much on other films that will feature.

I will certainly update you as soon as possible.  In the mean time you can see the event’s website here.

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