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Exclusive! Sunday’s Mother


002You have waited long enough.  It is time for the big KM UK Exclusive.

Ahead of its public release later this month (more on that when it happens), KM UK can bring you the full version of Sunday’s Mother.  Only a select few have so far been able to watch the whole of the 14 minute long short film starring Kathryn, Chase Ellison, Brian Norris and Riley Smith.

In recognition of the support this site and its viewers gave to the project from the fund raising onwards, the writer and director Aaron Jackson has very kindly granted KM UK special permission to show you his work.  A very big thank you to Aaron and the production team of Sunday’s Mother for allowing us this access.

To view the film, which is hosted on the Vimeo video sharing site, you will require the password.  The password is rogerwaits17

The film can be found on a special KM UK site page HERE.  Follow that link and enter the password at the prompt.  The film contains some strong language and “adult themes”.

Filmed in the summer of 2011 Sunday’s Mother tells the story of Sunday (Chase) and his mother (Kathryn), a recent divorcee, who have just moved to a new home.  A bully (Brian) threatens to expose a secret about Sunday’s mother.

Aaron is currently working on a new project: the film adaptation of the Jessica Brody book The Fidelity Files.  Filming is due to start next year.  More details can be found on the film’s official website.  We wish Aaron all the best for the future.

Update (11 July 2013):  The password is no longer required.

17 comments to Exclusive! Sunday’s Mother

  • Desy

    I love Riche!!!!! I love!!! XD

  • Perfect to watch when you are sick. I like it!
    Kathryn looks so cute here!

    So the end is: Sunday sees that Gillian wears black lacey underwear so the bully was right. So she slept with the bully or what?

    And RichE, why the heck did I spot your name by the credits?

    • The end: maybe, maybe not.

      Oh yes, forgotten about that. Yes, that’s me in the credits. I wanted it to be a thank you to this site and our visitors that supported the film but it ended up like that instead. I guess I can legitimately claim I am credited in a film with Kathryn :-)

  • katrin

    great RichE!
    thanx for sharing!

  • I didn’t see this coming. I loved it.
    Kathryn is so gorgeous, for God’s sake!

    RicHe! Thank you so much for sharing the short film.

    The black lacey underwear… What would be Sunday’s reaction about “his mother’s” pics for FHM? Huh… ok. haha 😛

    Riche, you rock! 😀

  • Michelle

    Are you going to do a review? I’d like to see your thoughts. As for me–well, I hoped for a lot more, but much of that was due to the script.

    • Can’t say I’d thought of doing a review. I’ll have to consider it.

      If anyone else wants to write something longer than a comment here I can create a separate page for such submissions.

  • Mary Mikesell

    I was on the edge of my seat through out the whole film. The ending … wow!! Was Gillian a bad girl or was she innocent? Hmmmm! I believe those black laced underwear gave her away!!

  • Abi

    I cant view it. i put the correct password in and nothing happens :(

    • Sorry to hear it has not worked for you Abi.

      If you go to the page what do you see?

      There should be a large box with a sort of landscape drawing in it. In the middle of the box it should say “Private video”. You should type, or copy & paste, the password “rogerwaits17” (without the quotes) into the white box. Then click the blue Enter button.

      The large box will change to a still picture from Sunday’s Mother. Click the > play button in the bottom left corner, or anywhere on the picture, to play the video.

  • Abi

    still nothing :( it just stays on the landscape :(

    • You don’t see the words “Private video” and the password box?

      I can get the same effect if I disable JavaScript. Check your settings in Safari.

  • Abi

    i got that and it lets me enter but no play button. i checked my settings…btw how did you know i have safari? haha

    • Do you see the picture of Sunday and Kathryn after entering the password? If you just click anywhere on the picture the video should play. It sounds like the window is too small and you just can’t see the button. Can you see the timeline across the bottom and the Vimeo logo on the right?

      I get told the browser that’s been used when a comment is posted. It is useful to know if there is a problem.

      Glad to hear you could play it on your iPad.

  • Abi

    ok, i can get it on my ipad

  • amei

    Wow!! The end was surprising!! I liked the film& Kathryn, was amazing as always!!! She’s the best actress ever!!!

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