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KM UK Xmas Message 2011

promo_006Happy Xmas!

2011 has been a tumultuous year around the world.  We’ve seen tragedies such as the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami.  People around the world have risen up against ruling regimes to assert their wish for freedom in things like the Arab Spring and the ‘Occupy’ movements.  In the UK we had our own unfortunate merger of the two with riots and looting in cities across the country.

We don’t deal with world events like that here but for Kathryn Morris fans this year has been… complicated.  Here is KM UK’s round-up of 2011.

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Texas On Hold’em – Where Is This Roadshow Going?

screening_poster_20110407_austin_texasKathryn was a no-show in Austin last night.  In fact the whole event appears to have not happened at all.

Asher Levin (writer/director of Cougars, Inc.) had posted on the Facebook page on Monday about the event.  Yesterday I asked him if he was in or was heading off to Texas in the hope of finding out if Kathryn would be there.  He replied:

we’ll be in austin later this month. Along with some more towns all over the country. More info to follow… – Link

I tried to confirm that he really meant that they were not going to be at Maggie Mae’s for the events he previously informed us about (nearly a week after KM UK broke the news) and were listed on the venue’s website (and still is at time of writing).  No answer was forthcoming.

On several occasions Asher has asked for people to suggest towns for them to visit as part of a roadshow throughout April.  This has garnered some responses, one of which was answered with something along the lines of “you organize it and we’ll be there”.  This suggests to me that there are few, if any, events already organised.  We are a week in to April and the one screening that was supposed to happen didn’t.  Are we likely to get more than one event per week in the remaining three?  What are the chances of significant cast members being able to commit time to events not organised much in advance?

I fear the wheels are falling off this roadshow.  Hopefully I’m wrong.

Update: Asher has posted another message asking for suggestions on places to visit.

Not So Golden Globes – Maybe Next Year

To quote J. R. R. Tolkien, himself misquoting Shakespeare, “All that is gold does not glitter.”

Sadly, Kathryn was not the glister amongst the many stars of screens both small and silver at the Golden Globe Awards last night.  Has Kathryn ever attended the event beyond those slightly tacky gift lounge things?

However, things could be very different next year.  Moneyball will be out by then.

The Social Network has garnered a lot of awards and award nominations and Kathryn’s representative/assistant (I dunno) said himself that Moneyball is due out in “The Social Network slot.”

As 2010 ended, 2011 started with various movie websites publishing their “ones to watch in the coming year” lists.  Moneyball featured strongly in many of them.  The presence of a certain William Bradley Pitt will inevitably lead to a global awareness of the film that it might otherwise struggle to achieve.  Despite being so far off the baseball movie is even being mentioned for awards success, or at least nominations.  The September release is seen as a key part of that.

Could Kathryn be in line for a nomination or two this time next year?  Who knows, at this stage we know so little about the nature of her role beyond playing Billy Beane’s (Brad Pitt) second wife it would be pure speculation.  Either way the release of the film will raise her international profile, which can only lead to more job offers.  I’m sure that everyone at KM UK wishes her well with this new phase of her career.

I’ve posted links to a few of those “ones to watch” lists after the jump.

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KM UK Xmas Message 2010

arrivals_009Happy Xmas!

Has it really been a year already?

It’s difficult to believe that it is almost 12 months since that early new year news of broke of Kathryn getting a part in a new movie: Mother’s Little Helpers.  And that wasn’t even the first post on KM UK in January, it was the 9th!

2010 looked to be an uncertain year for fans of Kathryn.  Cold Case was heading for the big network tape vault marked ‘Cancelled’.  Kathryn was working more on projects from behind the camera.  Would we get to see much of our favourite lady in 2010?

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Cold Case – Past, Present & Future

Now the dust has settled on the season 7 finalé I thought I would put a few thoughts down on the more general subject of Cold Case, seeing as we’ve possibly just witnessed its ending.  I don’t normally comment much on each episode but these two latest episodes were so significant it warranted something extra.  As you can see it got me in a contemplative and slightly rambling mood.  Sorry about that :-)

Feel free to comment.

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