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When Heather Met Kathryn

on_set_001Everyone meet Heather.  Heather, everyone.  Everyone, Heather.  She’s the one on the right.

“Heather Coxx” is someone KM UK met on Twitter.  She has a story about meeting Kathryn and she agreed to write about it and share it with us all.

So, without further ado here is Heather in her own words:

I’m Heather Coxx, sixteen years old and born and raised in Cincinatti. I follow my lessons at the Walnut Hills High School and I’m one of the cheerleaders there!
Well, I became a fan of Kathryn Morris seven years ago, when I was nine. On a boring Sunday I watched my First Cold Case episode ever, ‘Committed’. I really liked it and couldn’t wait until the next Sunday. But when I saw ‘A Perfect Day’ I start to love Kathryn. She is an amazing actress. I wanted to know everything about her and saved every photo from her on my dads computer. I was a kind of little stalker I guess and people on school called me ‘obsessed’.
I figured out that the set from Cold Case was in Los Angeles and begged my parents to visit it. The did their best but they couldn’t find it. Then I was sad because we went on vacation to California that summer for my tenth birthday.
In Los Angeles we stayed by old high school friends from my parents who lives there. Bradley (the male friend) is a cop and he always knew film sets in town because his son Finn’s hobby was everything from movies. He showed me photos from when he visited the set from Cold Case earlier but he didn’t met Kathryn then.
One day Finn took my outside to skate. We both love skating and he told he knows an amazing place for skating in the North. So on or skateboards we rolled to the place. When we came there we saw a lot of camera’s and all stuff. Finn was smiling and I was like ‘what is this?’ Finn told me it was a movie set from and he wanted to see it. I agreed with it and from sof ar we stood we waited two hours. Then they start filming and three people cam out of the house, a red head, a black woman and a blonde lady. Then I realized it was Kathryn Morris and Tracie Thoms with some other actress. We stood on the set from Cargo! I started to scream and I think I screwed the scene because the did it again. 😛
I was SO exctited, I was looking at my idol! After more then two hours waiting Bradley walked to us in his police uniform. I didn’t knew he was there! We had to follow him and he brought us inside of the ‘Cargo House’. When we were there I heard Kathryn’s voice and I start to scream again. Some people walked into the room with a kind of shocked face and one of them was Kathryn. Oh God, I never forget that moment! I started to cry and she walked to me. She kneeled down and looked in my eyes and asked what was going on. I hugged her and told her how much I love her, that she is my idol and that I can’t live without Cold Case on my Sunday night. And then she hugged me back! She told me I was a sweet girl and a cutie and asked my name. I said Heather Coxx and asked her for an autograph and a photo because I thought we had to leave but no she asked me if I wanted to come with her and talk some more. I think I died at that moment of course I said yes! She took me outside the house where some chairs stood. She let me sit on hers, you know the chair with the name from the cast on it. She asked if I wanted something to drink. I said yes and she just gave me her bottle of water! I still have it in my room. 😉
She told me my eyes were sparkeling at that moment. I was speachless and told her again how much I love her. She holded my hand (!) and told me I was cute and that she wanted to take the time to talk and listen to me. The only thing I could do at the moment was smiling and crying. Kathryn asked me were I live and I told that I come from Cincinatti and we discovered we are born in the same neighboorhood. She told me about her youth, that her parents divorced when she was six, the Morris Code, her high school years. She was a cheerleader! And that she had a lot of fun with her best friend Lindsay. I told her about funny things I did with my best friend Savannah and she just listen to my stories! I asked her about her prom, I knew sure everybody wanted her as date but no her date didn’t showed up. He was not really a date but a family member from Lindsay. Also, her red dress was esspecially made for her.
I also wanted to knew if she had new projects. She told me she was casted for a role in a movie based on a true happen story (Ressurecting The Champ) with Samuel L. Jackson. It was a secret and I had to tell no one. She just told me a secret, I was so excited and couldn’t wait for the movie!
I asked about her relation with David Barrett and she told me they did a lot of nice things and that he was very sweet to her. He also had a daughter McKenna who didn’t was there much. Kathryn and McKenna were not very close, she had the feeling that McKenna didn’t like her much. I think Kathryn really tried her best for McKenna like let her play the role of the little version of Lilly but that was years after it.
We figured out that we both love the music from Prince, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and cats. We both have two cats. We talked more then two hours but then she was really sorry, she had to go. She had to take some rest for a night scene for Cold Case somewhere outside Los Angeles. I acctually had to go to because Finn and I had tp skate the whole way back. She hugged me again and told me she loves me in that two/three hours she met me. I told her that I love her too and that this was the best day EVER! And then she brought me back to Finn.

There you have it.  I’m sure you’ll agree that it is quite a story.

Read a follow-up post HERE.

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