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Cold Case S04E22 – Cargo Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S04E22_lilly_031Lilly’s finding barely-alive ones and having to act like a parent in Cargo.  That’s with her own mother and the victims of a human trafficking operation.

The squad are after the mysterious “Nachalnik”, the ringleader of the slave-trade, and searching for a missing girl.  Ellen Rush has not strayed far and was found easily by Lilly.  Unfortunately she found her mother collapsed on the floor of her apartment and needs hospitalising.

156 Full HD (1080p) Lilly screencaps, a promo video and an on set photo can now be found in the Gallery.

The on set photo of Kathryn with a young actress was a fortuitously recent acquisition.  The girl makes a very brief appearance towards the end of the episode as Lilly & Kat search a house.  So far we’ve have been unable to find her name.  If you know please contact us so we can give her the proper credit.  Thank to IcyWinter for her help.

Cold_Case_S04E22_lilly_048 on_set_001 Cold_Case_S04E22_Preview

2 comments to Cold Case S04E22 – Cargo Full HD Screencaps

  • This show just needs to get back on my TV. Now. Or it could just magically turn into a DVD…

    Anyhow, great screencaps! I’ll have to make time to make some fan art. Dance and school suck up all of my life. :p

  • Icywinter2

    Cold case would be nice to have on DVD, it’s the music rights which are the reason . It’s also too expensive, what the music companies want for each song.

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