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KM UK Xmas Message 2013

on_set_20120927_010Happy Xmas!

Happy Xmas everybody.

The last few years I’ve done this Xmas Message as a look back on the Kathryn-related news and events that we’ve brought you in the previous 12 months.  When I first thought about writing this one I wondered what I could do.  It felt like little had happened.  Fortuntely further investigation proved me very wrong or this would be a very short piece.

promo_010The year started with much anticipation of the release of the Hallmark movie The Sweeter Side Of Life.  After news of the film broke in May of 2012 we brought you comprehensive coverage, including promo photos and the first trailer.  This continued in the first weeks of January with almost daily updates.  The 19th of the month saw the première broadcast on the Hallmark channel in the US.  We followed up with exclusive screenshots and my own review.

silver_lake_juice_bar_001February brought us a little insight into the world of Kathryn with the discovery of her endorsement of a local juice bar.  The short film The Coin, which was filmed in July of 2012, made the first of many appearances on KM UK during this year with some great on set photos.  Almost exactly a year ago we’d seen the first trailer.  This year would see a lot of news about the very intriguing short.

on_set_001March, however, saw the news that so many of us had been waiting for since Cold Case ended in 2010:  Kathryn was starring in the pilot for a new show called The Surgeon General.  The show was to be a “procedural” based around the work of the “nation’s doctor” rooting out major health issues and featured British actor “Hello to” Jason Isaacs (Case Histories).  After the high regard that his previous US TV series Awake was held in, Jason had his choice of new shows.  The fact that he went for The Surgeon General made it a good candidate for being picked up to series.  It was up against some strong opposition though.  Even the safe bet of an NCIS spin-off didn’t make it, and neither did The Surgeon General.  That news came in mid-May.  We were very fortunate to get some photos taking during the production process at the time from her co-stars Alex Dawson and Kristen Shaw, and her stand-in Melissa Rutland (see photo on the left).  Thank you ladies.  Both Kristen and Melissa are based in Atlanta, where the Rod Lurie directed pilot was filmed.

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Facebook Fabrication – Update x3

This was not a subject I wanted to post about.  I do my best to be as generous and tolerant towards others as I can.  But there are limits to even my patience.

A person who some of you may know, who claims to be a fan of Kathryn (and can’t seem to write the word “fan” without putting the word “fierce” in front of it) runs a Facebook Page dedicated to her.  You may have seen it, ‘Liked’ it, or even left a comment.  She’s called Lisa.  I’m not going to give a link to the page, frankly she doesn’t deserve it.

It has been obvious to me for a while that Lisa has been posting pictures taken from this site on her Facebook page.  The images are often the ones I use as banners for the individual posts.  The size, shape and cropping which makes them unique to this site gives the game away completely.

Back in June I challenged Lisa over this via Twitter.  She did not respond to me directly but left the following message on Facebook a short while later:

To all of you, good Kathryn’s fans!!! I want to be clear: this fb fan page don’t steal info, photos, pictures, links, sites from other fan pages; this fb fan page don’t plagiarize from others; its directors are honest and sincere doing their great job in a really right way to update this fb fan page as the best they can every day always searching, finding and being informed; this fb fan page and its directors will never plagiarize!!! By The Directors

It’s a lie.

Let me make it clear that I am not claiming ownership of the images.  What I am stating is that it is the policy of this site to not take images from other fan sites and post them here.  If all the fan sites just copied images from each other then they’d all be the same.  According to Lisa’s comment she feels the same way.  The evidence shows otherwise.

Lisa can’t make those bold claims stand-up when you see this image, which I created especially for this post, included on her Facebook page.

Lisa you are the weakest link.  Goodbye.That is just one of a great many examples.  Lisa has also posted fan art created by some you just for this site, without giving you any credit.

In the past week I have tried contacting Lisa again via Twitter.  She’s ignored me.  Yesterday I left comments on a lot of the images she has taken from this site saying where they came from.  Those comments have been removed and I am unable to leave further comments.  Make of that what you will.

Lisa might be “fierce”, but “honest” she is not.



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KM UK Xmas Message 2012

on_set_20120927_010Happy Xmas!

Unlike the Queen of England’s annual address to the nation, this year’s KM UK Xmas Message will sadly not be in 3D.  For shame.

Like many people in the world Kathryn’s fans faced another year of uncertainty, albeit for different reasons.  Our austerity was due to the very real possibility of no Kathryn.  No television series starring or produced by her made the 2011/2012 season.  There was never any sign she was looking at such an acting role, and the lack of any news on the Princess Of Whales production did not bode well.  By this time last year we knew that Kathryn would, at best, appear in a single deleted scene on the Moneyball DVD/Blu-ray.  And, to cap it all the short film Sunday’s Mother had gone AWOL since a trailer was released in November 2011.

001We managed to keep  things going but it wasn’t until April that news broke that Sunday’s Mother would receive an official première screening at the Newport Beach Film Festival at the beginning of May.  That revelation was followed a few days later by our favourite lady gracing an event with her presence in the first public appearance of 2012: the premiere of She Wants Me.  The exact reason for her being there was never made clear…  Kathryn only made couple of other appearances for the rest of the year.

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When Heather Met KM UK

on_set_001If you haven’t done so yet please go and read the earlier post about “Heather Coxx” and the time she met Kathryn.  It’s an entertaining, if slightly hard going, read.

Once you have read it you’ll no doubt quickly work out that it is in fact Grade-D b******t.  It is certainly not worthy of an ‘A’.

In the tradition of exams I will show my working out:

  • When I first added the photo you see on the right to the Gallery it was done so attached to an article about the Cold Case season 4 episode 22: Cargo. It was part of the KM UK Summer Of HD 2011.
  • Heather’s Twitter account bio reads:

    I’m Heather from Cincinnati, 16 years old and proud ginger (even dyed my hair more red). Model. Kathryn Morris is my idol, met her 23-07-’07♥ (see [the image above])

Do you see it?

  • The date “23-07-’07” in the bio is not in the American Month-Day-Year format yet Heather claims to be from Cincinnati (a word she often misspells).
  • Cargo was broadcast for the first time on the 15th April 2007, three months before “Heather” claims the photo was taken.  Any filming in late July would more likely be for the first episodes of the next season, and is probably a little too early for that anyway.  Cargo was most likely filmed in March or April.

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It’s Happened Again – Fake KM Twitter

Early on Saturday morning (UK time) another “Kathryn Morris” Twitter account was created, this time it was @_KathrynMorris.  We’ll call her “Kathryn 2”.

It looked reasonably plausible, with a photo and bio, but then so did the last one we dealt with, the now defunct @KathrynMorris_ account.

Myself and another fan, KM UK regular Kathy, conversed with “Kathryn 2” a little and I did so in private messages as well.  As before I was reserving judgement on “Kathryn 2” until I had more information to go on.  This was likely to take a few days.  Sadly, I’m not going to get that opportunity now as “Kathryn 2” suddenly closed the account, just hours after creating it.

The abrupt closure is probably a sign in of itself that the account was a fake.  The claim in the private chat of a big movie role to be announced soon should be taken with a large pinch of salt too.  Thanks to dianekmfan, another KM UK regular, for pointing out issues with the language “Kathryn 2” was using.  It was odd for a native English speaker and certainly a mark against it but we didn’t get the definite proof we got last time (when the perp dropped a real clanger when claiming where “Kathryn” was at the time) though.

Taking it all into consideration I think that it is safe to say that it was fake.  Such a shame that we didn’t get to expose it as such before that.

At least this time the faker had the good sense to stop before it went any further.  Why they didn’t apply that good sense before hand and not start it in the first place we might never know.

The thing that really puzzles me is to why someone would do this?  Based on the information they had I can only assume that they would say they are a fan of Kathryn.  Personally I don’t think that they should call themselves that.  No fan of Kathryn would try and do this to other fans.  This, for want of a better word, ‘person’ has now lost the right to take that moniker.  “Kathryn 2”, you are no fan of Kathryn!

I think some KM admirers totally hate you.  I am sure that some of them would like to find out who you really are.  Me?  I’m not angry or upset.  I’m disappointed.  Disappointed in the person behind this lie.


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