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You’re Rumbled – Update x 2

avatar_001_500x498Last week the @KathrynMorris_ account appeared on Twitter.

I said that’d we were reserving judgement on it.  I said we would play along, for now.

Now is the time to pass judgement.  Now we stop playing.

It’s fake.

I have considered all the information available and gone over it many times before reaching this conclusion.  I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say that I have good reasons to believe that it is not the real Kathryn Morris.

It was a good attempt.  It nearly had us fooled.  There were just too many inconsistencies.  Too many little issues.  Individually you could let them go.  Collectively you can’t.

I am so very sorry for everyone that is disappointed by this news, though many of you will quite rightly be saying “Well duh!” and  “I told you so.”

Thank you to everyone that helped with this, your thoughts and input were invaluable.

Update (6 June 2012):  Even when I first posted this article I still had a few doubts as to whether I was right.  Later discussions with various people (thanks to them) have helped further.  Extra pieces of evidence thrown onto the pile make me more certain than ever.  Now I am 100% sure it’s not Kathryn.  As to why someone would create a fake Twitter account I am not at all sure.  Gotta wonder about some people.  Unmasking the culprit may not happen.  Still, as they say, “the truth is out there.”

Update 2 (7 June 2012):  Bit of a turn up for the books.  After a period of silence another Tweet was posted by our faker.  By claiming that she had just arrived in New York “Kathryn” really blew it.  You all know how wrong that was.  Bucharest in Romania is where the real Kathryn is at the moment.  Laws of physics would have to be broken to achieve that.  Obviously not a big Kathryn fan then.  Now the Twitter account has been closed.  Doubtless another will appear at sometime in the future.  I will certainly be on the look out.  I will do my best to check the authenticity any such accounts.  Ever vigilant.

5 comments to You’re Rumbled – Update x 2

  • Kathy

    It looks like you showed your detective skills.

    It really screwed my day.
    She don’t fixed the fight between Natalya and me and don’t Tweet me.

    One question: Is her friend Lindsay real or just a fake person too?

  • Finn

    No RichE,”No I Told U So”,I was just being a skeptic based on past interviews that Kathryn has given regarding her take on the internet and the fact she’s an admitted private person!

    When u take that into account u realize that its highly unlikely that Kathryn would take the time even though we’d like to hear from her,it would most likely come by way of a talk show or magazine interview!

  • @Finn: The “some will say I told you so” bit was not aimed at anyone specific. I wanted to make it clear that I recognised many were sceptical and was not claiming to be the first to question the validity of the account.

    @Finn & Kathy: Although Kathryn has mentioned that in the past she could well have changed her mind since.

  • I’m glad you found out. I also felt a little weird, not sure if it was the real deal. But in the end, I fell for it too. Maybe because I really wanted it to be true. But I’d much rather be wrong than play the fool for this fake acct, which I did. Thank you, and everyone who helped, for taking the time to look into the matter. Fans everywhere should greatly appreciate the work you put it. Love and thanx.

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