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Xmas Advent Calendar 2015

advent_calendar_430x90What to do as this year’s theme for the KM UK Advent Calendar?  What to do indeed…

Recently one of those ‘meme’ things took over a small corner of the Internet.  It happens all the time of course.

Double world drivers champion Fernando Alonso has had a less than successful 2015 in Formula 1.  He’s had a car that proved itself to be amongst the worse of the year and the current rules make it difficult to fix the issues during the season, so it was not going to get better.  The Brazilian Grand Prix, the penultimate race weekend of the season, saw Fernando’s car fail him yet again, this time during one of the crucial practise sessions.  The Spaniard decided to relax at the side of the circuit and catch some Sun.  A photograph of him laying back spawned the #WhereWouldAlonsoRatherBe hashtag.  He was ‘photoshopped’ into various situations by the Internet’s artistic denizens, all considered preferable to having to drive the recalcitrant McLaren-Honda.

One such image struck me.  It was a take on the ‘Where’s Waldo/Wally?’ (depending on your side of the Atlantic) books with Fernando hidden in a complex image.  Could you spot the Nomex-suited, bearded racing driver?

So, for our Advent Calendar this year KM UK is going with a ‘Where’s Kathryn?‘ theme.  The images are all from films Kathryn has starred in but hasn’t had the biggest role.  In some of the shots you’ll have to work a little bit to find her.  See how long it takes you.

Check out the Advent Calendar album in the KM UK Gallery each day for a newly revealed pic.  There is now a link in the right-hand menu to save you searching for this post as the month progresses.

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