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Kathryn Slots In The Coin?

After the recent completion of filming on Confections Of A Discarded Women I feared that we would not see or hear from Kathryn again until the movie premièred next year.

That may not be case after all.

In an article just published about the director Fabien Martorell signing on to direct the movie of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Snuff, is reporting that the same director is currently filming The Coin with Kathryn.

Martorell, meanwhile, recently wrapped The Guns Story, a documentary about legendary guitarist Tracii Guns (founder of L.A. Guns and Guns N’ Roses), and is currently filming The Coin starring Christopher Lloyd and Kathryn Morris.

Read the article in full HERE (I should warn you that the description of Snuff is a bit NSFW).

Rachel Abrams over at the Variety website is reporting (again, a bit NSFW) the same thing in much the same minimal manner.

More news when we get it.

4 comments to Kathryn Slots In The Coin?

  • Finn

    Looks as if Kathryn is planning on being a very busy girl! I wondering what has happened with the story she was attempting to produce?

    I hope u can find out what “The Coin” storyline is and what role Kathryn will be playing in it! Glad to know that she’s still got the urge to act. I’m wondering if this is another indie film or whether it will be produced by one of the major studios? I guess time will tell ‘the Variety” story was very vague but I’m sure Rich you’ll keep us posted!

  • Kathy

    If I read it good it’s a rock-movie?!?
    I would love that.

  • Scarlet

    She’s producing The Princess of Whales. I’m glad that she has a few projects. She looks so glam in The Coin picture!

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