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What Would You Say?

Inspired by last week’s posting of about an interview and chat with Kathryn, I was wondering what would you say?

As a quick reminder:  reporting for the Pass The Remote website back in 2007, LillyKat attended a special screening of Resurrecting The Champ.  After showing the film there was a Q&A session with several key […]

Cold Case S01E15 – Disco Inferno HD Screencaps

Yes, it’s the episode that ends with Rush and Kite at the disco.  Will also has a quick boogie back at the office.  It’s Disco Inferno.

The 1978 fire at a disco in which 22 people died might not be the straight forward arson case it first seemed when the skull of a 23rd body […]

Resurrecting The Champ Screening With Kathryn

During my time on the Look Again Cold Case fan board I met a lot of fellow fans of Kathryn.  A lot of them were kind enough to visit me here at KM UK and help get it off to a good start.  Many of the ‘old band’ still drop by on a regular basis.  […]

Cold Case S01E14 – The Boy In The Box HD Screencaps

Despite their undoubted good works and devotion, you can be pretty sure that when a nun appears in a TV show or film they will be anything other than heavenly.  I would post some nun jokes but I will try and resist.  It’s such a bad habit… 😛

The Boy In The Box, episode 14 […]

Paper Dragons

This past week has seen the worldwide release of the latest in the Bourne series of movies.  It has taken the box office lead from the hugely successful The Dark Knight Rises.

Jeremy Renner (28 Days Later and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) plays the lead character in The Bourne Legacy.  He is not, however, […]

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