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Confections… Filming Complete – Update

on_set_20120699_001on_set_20120699_001Director Michael Damian has let it be known via Twitter that filming on Confections Of A Discarded Woman has completed.

Based on previous information it was due to end on the 24th of June, though I don’t believe that today’s message necessarily contradicts that.  Michael mentioned that he is now on a writers retreat in France so could have been there a couple of days.

In a short series of Tweets about the film Michael sent a few photos taken during the process.  Only one of these appears to include Kathryn (see right), and even then I have my doubts.  Check out the full-sized version in the Gallery and let us know what you think.  Is that her on the very right of frame?

The fact that filming has wrapped is a good thing but now we have to wait a year to see the results  :-(

You can read more about the film and Kathryn’s role in it in earlier posts HERE and HERE.  The film’s IMDb page continues to be updated (it is now listed as being in post-production) with an increasing cast list, most of them English actors.

Thanks to Michael for the information and allowing KM UK to share his photos.

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9 comments to Confections… Filming Complete – Update

  • Kathy

    The stupid police-people-figures stands for her :-(
    And also I wish I stood there in that big group of people… jealous. :-(

  • Finn

    Nice of Michael to give us a heads-up on the projects! Its ashame that the picture on Kathryn was blocked, by the extra’s or security people!

    Thanks again,Hopefully there will be other pictures of Kathryn & crew at a later date!

  • dianekmfan

    Are they shooting a scene in this picture ? It looks like they are.

  • Lolly

    It certainly looks like Kathryn!

  • Thank you to those that took part in my silly poll. For those that said ‘yes’ you’ll find a poll already there :-)

    • Finn

      So are we right,Rich? I was also wondering what the real possibility of Michael sending u more pic’s of Kathryn from Bucharest,Romania? Thought I’d ask!

      • I don’t know for certain if we are right. Sometimes I look at the photo and think it definitely is Kathryn, other times I’m not sure. The face is obscured just enough to make it difficult to be 100%. However, based on all the info at hand it pretty much has to be her.

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