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Exclusive! Universal Channel In UK To Show CC S7 In 2011

Universal Channel kindly responded to a couple of questions of mine regarding their showing of Cold Case here in the UK.  This came about after it became known that they started showing season 1 last Monday (7 March 2011).

According to the Universal Channel representative they have all 7 seasons of Cold Case and will be showing seasons 1-3 this year and 4-6 next.  That seemed to suggest that S7 would be airing in 2013.  Not so.  Universal will be broadcasting season 7 this year.

The Universal Channel (the UK Hallmark channel rebranded) is available to Sky satellite and Virgin Media cable subscribers.

Thank you to the Universal Channel for their help.

4 comments to Exclusive! Universal Channel In UK To Show CC S7 In 2011

  • Lolly

    I’m jealous. :( I wish I had this channel…

    • icywinter2

      @Lolly- Cold Case does have re-runs here on TNT and on the CW network. We’ve already seen season 7, so we have nothing to be Jealous :) It’s the Uk that hasn’t seen it yet, but they will most certainly be happy to see S7 :)

  • Beetle

    Do we know when this year? Will it be their usual mid afternoon slot or a more accessible evening slot?

    • Hi Beetle, welcome to KMUK.

      I don’t have specifics on when it will air but it looks like Universal are starting season 4 tonight (with first two episodes in reverse order oddly) so they are getting through it. They’ve got through 3 seasons in 3 months.

      The schedules suggest that the shows are first shown in the 7-9pm slots and then repeated at other times. You can find the schedules on Universal’s website, there is a link in the report above.

      Broadcasting S4 from tonight goes against what I was told back in March. As I detail above, according to the person I was in contact with S4-6 were due to be aired next year with S7 this year.

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