April 2011
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Kate Said ‘I Do’!

She said “I do want to attend a movie première” that is

I was saving these for a future update but posting them today was just too good an opportunity to miss.  Half the world is watching “Wills and Kate” getting hitched but we’d rather look at our own Princess Catherine Kathryn   The […]

More Cougars, Inc. On Set Photos

Last week in my post about the release of Loverboys (the German name for Cougars, Inc.) on DVD I noted that three new on set pictures that included Kathryn from the on-disc extras were added to the Gallery.  I have now upgraded them to HD sized versions so I thought they warranted a new post.


Cougars, Inc. Première Video – Update

A MrJBone99 (I dunno) has posted a video comprising of footage taken at the Cougars, Inc. première, the after party and various people discussing what a cougar is on YouTube.  Kathryn appears several times, including in snippets from the previously posted Mingle Media interview video.

The new video has been added to the Gallery.  As […]

Cougars, Inc. Soundtrack List – Update

In the previous post Icywinter asked about the soundtrack of Cougars, Inc.  I’ve also seen others asking and searching for this information so I put together a page listing all the songs from the credits of the movie.

Most of the songs are written and performed by Cisco Adler and some of those were done […]

Loverboys Hit The Streets Today – Update x2

Today’s the day to get out on the Straße and hit the Geschäfte because the 21st of April is Loverboys – Desperate Wives day in Germany.

Europe sees the worldwide première of the renamed Cougars, Inc. on DVD and Blu-ray, three weeks before the North American 10th of May release.  The discs almost certainly contain […]

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