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Is That It? – Part 2

The MLH website has been updated with a few more pictures from the Coachella event, a party hosted by Vice Magazine at the appropriately named “Cougars” bar.  I’ve done some searching and found only few pictures from the event, none with Kathryn in.  I can’t see any of the other significant cast in any of the photos either, not that I know a lot of them at all well.  So no additions to the Gallery this time.  You can find some photos from the event here and here if you want.

As mentioned previous it looks like the trailer from the movie was shown on small TV screens around the bar and little else.  The image above (a heavily version from one of those links) appears to show Kyle Gallner in a scene from the MLH.  The only thing Vice Magazine has published so far is a set of photos.  All a bit of a let down really, from the perspective of a fan of Kathryn.

Apparently Asher Levin is heading to the Tribeca film festival this weekend to ‘wreck wreak some havoc’.  There is no sign of the MLH being involved in the festival at all.

Perhaps Tribeca will furnish us with some more Kathryn-based news, though we don’t know if she is going to be there.

6 comments to Is That It? – Part 2

  • IcyWinter

    It’s really such a shame that they didn’t show Kathryn at all, but why is Asher even doing to tribeca if the movie isn’t being shown there at all. There really isn’t any point to this.

    My other theory reguarding nothing on Kathryn, leads me to believe that her character is more along the lines of a side character.

  • IcyWinter

    Also Vice magazine appeals to late teens and early twenties, most of the pictures on there are people in that age group. Logically that’s probably the reason why Kathryn isn’t being featured, she’s above the age limit that this magazine caters to.

    There’s no one that’s her age anywhere on that site or in the magazine.

  • I’d never heard of Vice magazine prior to this. I’ve read a few bits but they made little sense and I can’t really tell who it is aimed at.

    I was not expecting Vice to feature Kathryn specifically. I was surprised to see no sign of her, or anyone else I recognise, in any of the photos they published from the party. Not even tucked away in the background.

    However, I was assuming, based on what Asher had said, that Vice were going to be publishing some sort of article about the event, describing the bands that played etc. In that I would have expected mention of a new movie, starring some well known names (Denise Richards and Rebecca Mader of Lost fame amongst them), having it’s trailer premièred there.

    It is telling that the only pictures from Vice that are on the MLH website are the ones that include the small TVs. No-one is even looking at them.

    As far as Kathryn’s role of Alison goes I think it is going to be quite significant. Clearly she is not the lead, that will be the Kyle Gallner. The focus will be on him and his relationships with his mother and girlfriend. Going by the synopsis Alison is key in setting events in motion.

    Outside of Asher, we’ve only really seen Kathryn involved in these whatever they are event. She was at SXSW and Coachella.

    As much as we all want to see more publicity, such as a trailer, there is a danger of over-exposing the movie too early. It is not due out nearly 8 months. Only the big blockbusters release trailers a year ahead of launch.

    Hopefully in the autumn/fall the proper publicity, including other members of the cast, will start.

  • IcyWinter

    According to IMDB it states that this movie will be coming out on December 20th, I don’t know how accurate that really is.

  • IcyWinter

    Why he is even going to tribeca if this movie isn’t even premiring there?? Logically I don’t understand the reason

    • Yes, I know IMDb says the 20th of December, it has shown that for a long time. I’m not taking that as definite for now. Asher, and the official website, have said this fall. Others have given vague “later this year” answers.

      Asher’s got plenty of reasons to go to Tribeca.

      Asher is likely to be a film fan. It’s a film festival.

      Although MLH is almost certainly completed he may be trying to get distribution deals or looking for other experts in certain fields for help. What better place than a large industry gathering like a film festival to find such people.

      With MLH completed Asher will probably be looking for at moving on to new project. He may already have something in the works. In which case he may want to discuss it with possible cast, crew, studios, distributors etc. A film festival seems like an ideal place for all that.

      Plus, if he can do a some promotion for MLH at the same time, what with so much media focussed on the event, all the better.

      Now, Coachella made little sense as a venue to promote a film. The fact that this site is one of the few that mentions the two together proves it.

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