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Kathryn To Be On The Wendy Williams Show

Make-up artiste extraordinaire Carlene K has told me that she is working with again Kathryn tomorrow (27th April 2010) for The Wendy Williams Show chat show in the US.  Can’t say I’m familiar with the show but I look forward to seeing Kathryn on it.

I have checked with The Wendy Williams Show via Twitter for conformation and they say that Kathryn will indeed be on the show tomorrow.

If anyone can help out with supplying video of it to me for this site then please let me know, it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks to Carlene for the heads-up.

37 comments to Kathryn To Be On The Wendy Williams Show

  • Felipe

    Is it possible to watch this show live on the internet? How?

  • We see something new from Kathryn! 😀 😀

  • IcyWinter

    Cool I’ll set my DVR to record it

    • IcyWinter

      Now I’m angry, I ran through and found that they aren’t going to air the episode the other with Kathryn tommorrow, where I live. It doesn’t even list her, for all the upcoming episodes.

  • yeah, i understand you, To me the same thing happens, my only hope is that someone upload the video to You Tube

  • i am still waiting for episode 21 t__t

  • cool :) one question.. What is the last chapter that is issued in Cold Case?

  • IcyWinter

    Just too bad, I could have watched this interview on tv before heading to work. I hate Directv.

  • It’s been pointed out to me that the Wendy Williams website lists 2 guests for tomorrow’s episode and Kathryn is down as “opening the show”. Don’t know what that means but it may mean we don’t get a proper interview, or what passes as an interview on these shows.

    So let’s not get our hopes up too much.

    • IcyWinter

      Maybe she’s just announcing “Wendy Williams,” that’s all, which is too bad. Kathryn deserves much more spotlight that just this.

  • Lolly

    Hellll yeah Wendy Williams. Hahahah I love that woman. 😀
    But not as much as I love youuuuu, Kathryn!!!! 😀
    God I can’t wait to watch this!!!!!!

  • Lolly

    Ohhhh my god she’s fricken hilarious 😀

    She’s so much fun!!!

  • IcyWinter

    Actually now my tvguide is listing her, in thirty minutes KM will be on this show !!

  • IcyWinter

    I’m watching it now, she’s so funny. Kathryn did say that she just started dating someone that’s around her age, no interview about Cold Case as of yet. She’s in the audience and very funny

    • IcyWinter

      Kathryn did say she was only in NYC for one day for this show, so that means she wasn’t at tribeca.

      • Felipe

        Kathryn is still dating David Barrett? This video is already on You tube? Where?

        • IcyWinter

          No I saw this on the fox network about an hour ago, Kathryn’s only on the show for the first thirty minutes. It’s not an interview at all, and nothing’s currently up on youtube yet.

          Apprently Kathryn is no longer dating David, she did state that she recently started dating someone. We’ll never what happened btw her and David, b/c Kathryn keeps her personal life private, which isn’t a bad thing

          • Felipe

            They were partners in a company, what now?

          • IcyWinter

            @Felipe- Not being in a relationship doesn’t mean he’s not working in her production company. David’s her partner at Hot Plate Productions. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t together in their love life, to be able to work in a production company.

  • Really? So she is no longer with David? They were together .. There are four years?
    > One of the things I like about Kathy is that she can make her life becomes even more private.

    • IcyWinter

      Sadly not, but Kathryn did mention that this new guy is around her age, and I’m glad that she doesn’t ever speak about her intimate private life. That’s always something Kathryn has done since she became a big star.

      In a way, Kathryn is different from all the celebrities, who constantly babble about their stupid lives. At least she keeps it private, I personally don’t care what goes on in a celebrities personal life, only what they are doing regarding movies and tv.

  • Lolly

    Awwww, her and David broke up? Double :(
    But I’m glad to know that she has a new boyfriend. 😀

    And if David’s the one that broke up with her- he’s clearly an idiot. 😉

  • I just saw the interview, I was surprised to hear that Kathryn breaks up with David…
    But I was amused expression when talking about her new relationship, I laughed a lot with her gesture by saying: He’s hot, very hot

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