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Cold Case S02E06 – The Sleepover Promo Updates


Want some new and updated promotional photographs from an episode of Cold Case that aired 15 years ago?  Well, you’ve come to the right place because that is what KM UK is doing in a series of posts covering season 2 of the show.

‘The Sleepover’ was first shown on television in the US on the 7th of November 2004.  We are a little behind but will catch up before the new year.

Most episodes of Cold Case start with a new piece of evidence being found/presented from an old, unsolved crime.  In this one it kicks off, after the ever present flashback of course, with a fresh body in the woods.  However, it has things in common with a death in 1990.  A bullied young girl was discovered dead in the woods.

The show ends with one of more iconic scenes Cold Case ever did, in my opinion.  Little Rita, cycling along, as happy as could be, watched by Lilly.

This time we have 8 new promo photos and the 3 existing ones have been upgraded with larger versions.  Find them all in the KM UK Gallery.

still_005 s02e06_still_008 still_009

Happy Thanksgiving 2019


Happy Thanksgiving from KM UK to Kathryn, her family, and all of our American friends

You know that Xmas is just around the corner when, even on this side of ‘the pond’, the America celebration that is Thanksgiving makes it presence felt.

Credit to Icywinter for the banner image above. It is part of KM UK’s extensive Fan Art Gallery. There are hundreds of items.  If you wish to add your own work to the collection then please contact me.

Cold Case S02E05 – Who’s Your Daddy? Promo Updates


A clever title covers multiple parts of an episode.  This is a good example.

‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ is one of the more harrowing stories.  They always seem worse when they involve children.  The unsolved 1991 case is about a murdered illegal immigrant couple, leaving their young daughter an orphan.  Now a teenager, the daughter has found a possible lead on her parent’s death and brings it to Lilly and co.

A man who reported the crime, and was a suspect at the time, is under further suspicion now as he is clearly close to and protective of the girl.

Having started later than planned, we’re slowly catching up in this series of posts 15 years on from when each Cold Case episode aired.  ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ was first broadcast on the 31st of October 2004.  So, just over a month behind.

8 new promo photos are now in the KM UK Gallery.  Who’s your daddy now?

s02e05_still_003 s02e05_still_005 s02e05_still_007

Cold Case S02E04 – The House Promo Updates


Bones!  Castle!  House!  All great shows, but what links those words?  This episode of Cold Case of course!  Keep up, this post is about Cold Case season 2, episode 4, ‘The House’.  It says so in the title.

Bones are discovered in the ground outside an old prison.  They are not, it turns out, the remains of the victim in a 1968 murder case.  So what happened to him then?

‘The House’ had a twist and quite a happy ending as I remember it.

We’ve covered ‘bones’ and ‘house’, but what about ‘castle’?  I’m sure many of you are way ahead of me.  In that instance it was a reference to the TV show.  The lead actor in the 1968-set flashback scenes was one Seamus Dever, who went on to star as Detective Kevin Ryan in the hit show Castle.

Just three new promo photos this time but they are all in the KM UK Gallery now.

s02e04_still_002 s02e04_still_003

Cold Case S02E03 – Daniela Promo Updates


We continue with our other Cold Case catch-up.  Starting the look back 15 years to Cold Case season 2 rather later than planned means we are only up to the 17th of October 2004.  That is when episode 3, titled Daniela, first aired.

A woman approaches Lilly and Scotty as they get coffee from a cart outside the PD offices.  She claims her (soon to be ex) husband murdered a prostitute and has the film to prove it.  The squad find an unsolved ‘Jane Doe’ case from 1979.  When they track down Daniela they get a surprise.  One that possibly got ‘her’ killed.

In the KM UK Gallery are now 8 new promos/still from Daniela.

s02e03_still_004 s02e03_still_007 s02e03_still_008

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