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KM UK Xmas Message 2020

I thought we all deserved to end the year with a nice image so I chose the one above to headline this KM UK Xmas Message for 2020.  As a screencap from the Cold Case episode Discretion (S02E10), it is not festive but hopefully brings a smile to your face too.

Here is KM UK’s very quick look back at 2020.

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Cold Case S03E10 – Frank’s Best Full HD Screencaps

still_004It’s the final one of our look-back-15-years posts of 2020, as this was the last episode of Cold Case broadcast in 2005.  They saved the (Frank’s) Best ’til last :-)

Superficially, the case is about the death of a deli owner just a handful of years previously.  Of course, as it is nearly Xmas there is a side story about a baby.  Vera and Jeffries find a new born left outside the police station.  The squad leap into action and let Nick, the big softy, look after it.

As well as the expected 185 (Full HD, 1080p) new screencaps, which are… frankly the best, in the Gallery there is also a new hi-res promo photo (see above) and an upgrade to a previous one (number 3).

Cold_Case_s03e10_1080p_095 Cold_Case_s03e10_1080p_116 Cold_Case_s03e10_1080p_170

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – November 2020

Some of you will have spotted the obvious mistake I made in the Cold Case Cast Catch-up for October.  There was no CCCC-up for October.  My senility and workload got the better of me and I just plain forgot.  To be honest, I don’t think there was much to talk about.

With that dealt with, let’s take a look at the news about the on-going careers of the non-Kathryn Cold Case cast from the past 2 months in the November 2020 CCCC-up.

The main US network TV shows have started returning to the schedules in the past few weeks.  Most face shortened production runs, with fewer episodes planned due to you-know-what.  Maybe if things improve they can add more.  In general the entertainment industry, realising the current situation could be around for a while yet, have been trying to get back to some sort of normal, within limitations to minimise the risks to all involved.

We so rarely get to talk about Jeremy Ratchford (Nick Vera in CC) that we have to give him top billing when ever we do.  Looks like this might be old news but it is not something I’d noticed before.  I try to keep track but it is possible this got past me.  Back in March Jeremy guest starred in an episode of an Canadian cop show called Hudson & Rex.  A new one on me.  The show is variant on the cop + dog format, as seen in the 1989 Jim Belushi film K-9, and is apparently based on a German show.

One things regulars to these round-ups will know is that it takes more than a global pandemic to stop Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller in CC) working.  Mid-November saw Tracie guest star in the second episode of the latest season of NCIS: Los Angeles.  She’s in uniform again, and appeared to be a military prosecutor (a JAG?) in a case about a war crime.  I’ve seen it mentioned that this episode continues a case from the end of the previous season of the show.  This being the trial portion of it.  Wasn’t that what they could have done with NCIS and the show JAG when that was still on?  Tracie appeared in some publicity material for the episode.

Back October, Amazon Prime and Blumhouse Productions teamed up to release a series of original feature films on the online retailer’s streaming service.  Occasional regular on the CCCC-ups, Veena Sud (writer/producer on CC) directed and co-wrote one these films.  It is called The Lie.  You may remember that we first posted about this film in the April of 2018 CCCC-up.  The film stars Marielle Enos and Peter Saarsgard, both of whom lead Veena’s post-CC smash TV series The Killing.  As is generally the case with lies, they are eventually uncovered.

Xmas Advent Calendar 2020

advent_calendar_430x90Let’s face it, 2020 needs is a bit more normal.  In an effort to bring you a small slice of that, KM UK will start our annual Advent Calendar door opening from Tuesday, which is appropriately the 1st of December.  It should be largely familiar to those that have been with us for a few years.

What will not be familiar will be the theme for the year.  Each set of 25 images are chosen around a new subject.  So what is that idea for 2020?

Somewhat in keeping with how things have been for Kathryn’s fans the past year or so, the theme will be Where’s Kathryn?  Think Where’s Waldo/Wally but with images of Kathryn from various TV shows and films.  See if you can spot Kathryn in each image and work out where it comes from.  Don’t worry, it is not difficult in most cases.

We are just having a bit of fun and taking the opportunity to remind you have Kathryn’s body of work.  Perhaps you can seek some out during the holiday period.

The Advent Calendar album in the KM UK Gallery is now available. Use the handy link on the right and the extra banner above, which will be there for the duration of season. Come back daily to see the latest image.

Cold Case S03E09 – Perfect Day Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_s03e09_1080p_140‘Perfect Day’, episode 9 in series 3 of Cold Case, is one of the stand-out episodes.  It was first broadcast on the 27th of November in 2005 to the highest audience in the show’s history at over 19 million people.  A difficult to fathom 15 years ago.  The combination of the twin girls and the shear cruelty involved makes it a very memorable episode.

However, rather than dwell on that, with a huge 235 (Full HD, 1080p) new fantastic screencaps in the Gallery we are going to extend our American holiday celebrations and give thanks for the beauty that is Kathryn.  Sounds like a perfect day to me.  No silly comments on the images.  Just admiration.  Enjoy.

Cold_Case_s03e09_1080p_102 Cold_Case_s03e09_1080p_178 Cold_Case_s03e09_1080p_235

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