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Cold Case S02E21 – Creatures Of The Night Promo Updates


Anyone detecting a theme with recent promo photo updates?  It’s not planned this way, honest!

I know this is a cop show, and it is not unknown for them to visit people in prison, but to make such a significant part of two episodes running smacks of carelessness.

‘Creatures Of The Night’, first broadcast 15 years ago today, is one of Cold Case‘s episodes that stands out for two reasons.  The backdrop is a performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the late 1970s, this means all the music is from the movie.  Secondly, the guest star is none other than Barry Bostwick, star of the very same film.  Of course, big star in key role usually means they did it!  That way they get to do the big dramatic scenes.

This time out we can bring you six more prison-themed new promotional photos that have been added to the KM UK Gallery.

No prison bars in next week’s very nice set of image, I promise.

s02e21_still_001 s02e21_still_002 s02e21_still_004

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – April 2020

tracie_thoms_001_430x180The lockdowns are really starting to have an impact on the business we call show, as the pre-studio closure work has been broadcast and there is increasingly nothing new to replace it with.  Some formats, such as chat shows, have been able to work around the limitations but the traditional drama series really can’t.  As such there is going to be little to talk about in these monthly updates as the current situation goes on.  We will continue to bring you news of the other Cold Case cast members work as best we can.

In circumstances like these we need to cling on to those that we can most rely on to be there for us.  For the KM UK CCCC-up that person is Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller in CC).  Every month, almost without fail, she gives us something to talk about.  Often multiple things.  This April is no exception.

Two of weeks ago now Tracie reprised her role as Dr. Diane Lewis in the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Station 19, which is set in a fire station.  As previously reported Tracie first appeared in this ABC drama three episodes earlier.  In that one Dr Diane was in pretty much every scene as show spoke to various members of the fire fighting crew.  Second time around the role looks to be a little smaller.

In a couple of days (2nd of May) Tracie re-reprises her guest starring role on the show that covers multiple emergency services: 9-1-1.  This episode is the penultimate in the season and is the first of a two parter to end the run.  A big draw for many fans will be the return of actress Connie Britton (Spin City) who lead the first season but seemed to make an abrupt exit.  Jennifer Love Hewitt (The Client List) was brought in as a new character to replace her for season two.

For a little variety Tracie also recently took part in a discussion with Mia Schachter in a podcast called ‘Share The Load’.  Look for it on your podcast app of choice.

After a great showing (beards excepted) last month we have been let down by the gents this time.  Instead we have to look two ladies that appear less regularly but we like to mention when we can as they played a significant role in the making of Cold Case.

Despite the issues the world faces, April saw the launch of the mobile only short form video application Quibi.  Some might say this was in fact the perfect time to do so.  Veena Sud (writer and director on CC and The Killing), as we’ve talked about several times before on this site, created The Stranger for the platform.  Maika Monroe (Independence Day: Resurgence) is Clare, who becomes an Uber (or similar) driver in LA to make some money whilst working on becoming a writer, when she meets her latest fare played by Dane DeHaan (The Amazing Spider-Man 2).  Things take a turn, and not just the car.  The reception to the 13 part seems largely positive.  The one rule the platform seems to have is that each video can be no longer than 10 minutes.  So, The Stranger is a two hour long thriller.

To finish up this month we must make mention of Cold Case creator Meredith Stiehm.  She was heavily involved in the earlier stages of the long running drama series Homeland, which just reached its series finale (not quite in the UK).  Meredith wrote 10 episodes and executive produced on over 40.  More recently she’s been involved in the Writers Guild Of America, who have been battling legal issues with talent agencies, and we await further news on a show called The Banker’s Wife which we’re reported on a couple of times before (here & here).  As the first news broke in September 2018 and here we are not far from two years later you can see how slowly these things work sometimes.

Cold Case S02E20 – Kensington Promo Updates


This seems like a very appropriate set of images for the times we are living in.

Back in early Cold Case season one we had the episode ‘Sherry Darlin’.  In it James Hogan confessed to a murder that the squad determined he didn’t do.  He was locked up for being an accomplice in the crime with his then girlfriend, and actual murderer, Sherry.  What do you mean ‘spoiler alert’.  It’s been over 15 years!

It is not uncommon for TV cop shows to bring back killers seen previously but this was a little different.  In ‘Kensington’ James has contacted Lilly, who he clearly formed a bond with, to give information on another crime.  A relative of his died in 1985 and during a group counselling session, another inmate mentions something confesses to a minor crime which changes the course of events.

So, on the 24th April 2005 we first got to see Lilly and Scotty visit James in prison, something Scotty is less than happy about, not least because it was a long journey.  Our promo photo updates are taken from those scenes.  The first new image is not so new, but seeing as it is quite a different colouration and cropping, I thought it would be best to leave the original as well.

The 4 new photos are now in the KM UK Gallery.

still_003 still_004 still_005

Self Illustrating


Just thought I’d throw this out there to help with all the isolating (self- or otherwise) and lockdowns that are happening around the world at the moment.  It is a difficult time for a lot of people.

What about filling some of your spare time, or keep the kids busy for a while, with some fan art creation?

The KM UK Gallery has thousands of event photos, promo photos, posters and screencaps available to you for use in your own compositions.  Obviously Kathryn is the main focus but Cold Case in general features a huge amount.  I hear that rainbows are being used a lot of add colour to our lives.  If you need any help finding something then please contact me and I will do what I can.

In the years I’ve been running this site I’ve learnt that many of you are very talented artists.  We’ve showcased many pieces of work generously donated by you in the Fan Art section of the Gallery.  There are well over 700 items there already.  Wallpapers, banners, avatars, drawings, and even videos feature.  The lovely banner above by Kareen T is a randomly selected example to illustrate this post.

Of course, if you do create something it would be great to share them with the world on our little corner of the Internet.

Cold Case S02E19 – Strange Fruit Promo Updates

s02e19_still_003 <<<<<< 2m >>>>>> s02e19_still_001

Come on people!  You know the drill:  2 metres apart!

1963.  Remember then.  My guess is that most of you reading this (and the one writing it I hasten to add!) don’t.  Well, Will Jeffries (Thom Barry) in Cold Case does.  It was the year of his first murder… case.  He didn’t commit it!  As a young boy he found a body.  Can Lilly and the squad solve the case after all this time?  I think we all know the answer to that one.

15 years ago today (3rd April) the Cold Case episode ‘Strange Fruit’ aired for the first time in America.  To mark the occasion, as part of KM UK’s fifteen years later series, we have three new promo photos from the show to bring to you.  Find them all in Gallery.


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