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poster_001.jpgNew news!  Actual new news!

It has been reported by the website Deadline that Kathryn has joined the cast of a indie movie called Hayseed.

Kathryn’s appearance on the IMDb page for the project confirms this.

The film is described thus:

“A retired police officer-turned-private investigator is tasked with discovering the truth behind the beloved reverend is found death that was quickly ruled an accident by local authorities.”

Kathryn is listed as playing Joyce Metts, who according to Justin Kroll’s report is the mother of a daughter about to leave for college.  She is a waitress and former beauty queen.

I know that many actors work as restaurant wait staff between jobs and we’ve seen Kathryn play a waitress in Murder She Wrote.  I’d take exception with ‘former’.  How dare they! :-)

Hayseed is listed as being in pre-production, but I understand that production is due to start this month, having previously been set for Spring 2021, and may have already begun.  We know that Hollywood is a strange beast when it comes to timings and the current world-wide situation can’t have helped.

The film is the work of writer/director Travis Burgess.  This will be Travis’ first feature, having mostly done short films previously.  The script has already won accolades at various film festivals over the past couple of years.  The film’s very modest budget was raised via crowd funding and investors.

Bill Sage (Orange Is The New Black) stars as the police officer/PI.  Amy Hargreaves (Homeland) and Caitlin Carver (Dear White People) are amongst the cast. The daughter is played by Marta Piekarz.

As I hope you would expect of KM UK, we will be paying very close attention to Hayseed and bringing you as much information about it as possible.

Cold Case S04E04 – Baby Blues Photo Update

s04e04_on_set_001.jpgDidn’t manage to furnish you with any updates last week but we are going to more than make up for it looking at ‘Baby Blues’.

This episode of Cold Case (number 4 of season 4) first the light of day on the 15 of October 2006, an always surprising 15 years ago today.

You won’t be at all shocked to guess that the image above is not a scene from the show.  It is an on set photo of Kathryn having a bit of fun with the crew.  The other 7 pictures are promo photos/stills.  Kat Miller (Tracie Thoms) features in most of them as she joined Lilly in a suspect interview.  All are large sized and high quality.

The 8 new photos from ‘Baby Blues’ are now in the KM UK Gallery.

promo_06 promo_09 promo_10

Cold Case S04E02 – War At Home Photo Update

still_004.jpgAfter last week’s gentle start, with just the one new photo to please you with, this week we really going for it.  And by for it, I mean 5.

Yes, 5 new promo photos from Cold Case season 4, episode 2, ‘War At Home’, which was first broadcast the first of October 2006.  That would make it 15 years ago, which fits in perfectly with our ’15 years on’ series of posts.

Only 5 images you say!  Each image is very large and high quality so I’d say each counts as at least 2, maybe 3.

See all 5 of the huge, full-sized pictures in the KM UK Gallery.

s04e02_still_002 s04e02_still_003 s04e02_still_004

Cold Case S04E01 – Rampage Photo Update

still_004.jpgWe ended the season 3 retrospective very strongly with an amazing set of new full HD screencaps from ‘Joseph‘, so we thought you’d want a bit of break to calm down.

To ease you back in gently (no sniggering at the back!), we start the ‘Cold Case 15 years on’ series with a single new promo photo from the first episode of season 4, ‘Rampage’.  The 24th of September 2006 was when this one first aired in the US.

‘Rampage’ was, for many, their first introduction to the actor Kyle Gallner as one of the two teenagers that embarked on a school shooting.  Kathryn and Kyle’s working together five years later was very different.

The full-sized version of the image you see above is now to be found in KM UK’s stuffed to the gills, image Gallery.  It’s the 4th in the set.

Hello Again


How are you?  Hopefully you are well and coping with the situation we still find ourselves in around the world.  It’s been going on a long time now hasn’t it?

Yes, this site has been very quiet over the past few months.  This wasn’t a planned break, it just sort of worked out that way.  Clearly, there has not been much in the way of new content to post about in the past few years, but I managed to keep things going on a regular basis regardless.

On that front, the ’15 years on’ series will return later this week, looking at Cold Case season 4.  There will be occasional posts dotted through the episodes, rather than a definite one for each.  There has been very comprehensive coverage of season 4 already going back through the site’s history.  Remember, the 2nd ever post here, over 12 years ago now, was about the renewal of CC for season 7.

If and when Kathryn returns to the public eye, I hope we will still be here to keep you informed and entertained.

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions, information etc. then please comment below or use the contact form

Until the next time, stay safe and be good to each other.


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