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Gallery Searching

Cold_Case_S01E02_lilly_088Want to see Lilly wielding her gun?  Catch a glimpse Kathryn’s tattoo?  Are you looking for a particular photo of Kathryn but are not sure where to find it?  Or do you want an image with particular content for a banner, signature or avatar?  Yes?  Then gallery searching is for you.

The KM UK Gallery has a useful search facility for finding images quickly and easily.  Type the a Cold Case episode name, film title or event name into the search text box, click the search button, to get a list of appropriate albums and images.  You will find the search box is situated at the top of the Gallery’s front page, it is different from the one at the top of this page.

However, to make the Gallery an even more useful resource, and not just a collection of pretty pictures of a very pretty lady, I have started the process tagging the images with keywords.

To explain this fully I have put together a page with more details on the tagging and ways to use search effectively.  See the page on Gallery Searching for more details.

Having found the images you want don’t forget to rate and comment on them.  It would be good to hear about your favourites.

If you use any of my screencaps in your work I would love to hear about it.  I’m not looking for credit, just curious to see what you come up with.

Sun Safety Alliance Update

Just a quick note.

For those concerned, and you can count me amongst them, about the lack updates on Kathryn’s role as the SSA spokesperson, and the associated AVENYA Apparrel t-shirt photoshoot of course, worry not.

I have been assured that it is still happening.  There has been a small delay the photo approval process.  Choosing the best shots must have been very difficult.  We are talking about pictures of Kathryn after all!  For anyone else out there suffering a similar problem, I’m happy to volunteer my services for such an arduous task :-)

Watch this space for updates.

Thanks to Janelle @ EIC for the update.

Cold Case Season 1 Screencaps

Cold_Case_S01E01_lilly_066Lilly Rush screencaps covering the whole of Cold Case season 1 have been added to the Gallery.  There are around 200 images per episode.  There are also a small collection of promo and high quality still images for various episodes.

It has been interesting revisiting the early appearances of Lilly.  The introduction of Scotty.  Kite’s attempts to break through some barriers.  Lilly messing it up.  Still the same amazing smile though :-)

Cold_Case_S01E02_lilly_126 Cold_Case_S01E05_lilly_169 Cold_Case_S01E15_lilly_204

Screencaps from seasons 2, 3 and 4 will follow later.

Also, new HD (720p) screencaps from Thrill Kill and That Woman (episodes 1 and 2 of season 5 respectively) have been added to the Gallery recently, completing the HD (720p) set for seasons 5 and 6.

It’s (CBS TCA) Party Time With Kathryn! – Update x2

I cannot get a proper handle on what this event was called.  Everyone seems to have different versions of it.  Is it a Party or a Press Tour?  So, the subject line above may not be as accurate as I first thought, but I’m sticking with it :-)

Anyway, Kathryn attended the CBS CW Showtime Summer Press Tour (or whatever it’s called) event at Huntingdon Library in Pasadena yesterday (3 August 2009) to promote the upcoming season 7 of Cold Case.

Looking very elegant in black and white, and with her hair down for a change.

Images have been added to the Gallery.

cbs_cw_showtime_summer_press_tour_001 cbs_cw_showtime_summer_press_tour_003

Thanks to LII2 for the heads-up.

Huge thanks to isa @ CU for the HQ images.

Update 2: Additional photo added to the Gallery.

AOAHSP Blu-ray Release

posterIn a not entirely surprising move it looks like Assassination Of A High School President will be a getting a US release on Blu-ray disc as well as DVD, report and DVD Times.  Though with the way this movie has been treated in the year since it premiered at Sundance getting any sort of release is a surprise.

Extras will apparently include:

  • Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
  • Filmmakers’ Commentary
  • Alternate Opening Scenes
  • Deleted and Alternate Scenes

Hopefully at least one of those deleted scenes will see more of Kathryn as Nurse Platt.  A full HD (1080p) version of the brief appearance we already know about will be worth seeing anyway.

The US release is set for the 6 October 2009 which is a week earlier than previously thought.  No news, yet, on a UK release date.

Thanks to byrdman @ Look Again for the heads-up.

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