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Kathryn Leaves (W)ME Cold

It appears that Kathryn has recently left the William Morris Endeavour Entertainment talent agency.

Kathryn’s move gets a brief mention in this short piece on the Deadline Hollywood website.  The article is primarily about Sex And The City star Kristin Davis signing with United Talent Agency having previous left WME.

No mention is made of whether Kathryn has switched to another agency and so far I have not been able to find further new on this.

I must confess to not knowing anything about Kathryn’s representation.

The article is quoted after the jump.

Thanks to IcyWinter for the info.

UTA Signs Kristin Davis Away From WME

By Nikki Finke – 13 April 2010

EXCLUSIVE: WME also lost actor Terence Howard yesterday and recently Cold Case star Kathryn Morris. As for Sex And The City’s Kristin Davis, she’d been with Endeavor and then with William Morris before the merger of those two agencies. I’m told it never sat well with the actress that she became a pawn before the formation of WME Entertainment. You may recall that I reported a year ago how frustrating it was for William Morris to “pump its chest like crazy” over its talent department even though Hollywood knews it had been weakened by agent layoffs and client defections. At one meeting, WMA agents were boasting about having just signed Kristin Davis. The Endeavor agents were seen rolling their eyes, and Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell were overheard saying quietly to the other, “Didn’t we fire her?” Davis, whose Sex And The City sequel comes out in May, has yet to sign for the threequel. I hear UTA is banking on negotiating some major coin for her as well as other projects. She is managed by Mosaic’s Dave Fleming.

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