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Cold Case S01E14 – The Boy In The Box Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_s01e14_1080p_454Get into the habit of KM UK’s Summer of HD 2020.

458 (Full HD, 1080p) heaven sent screencaps are now in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_s01e14_1080p_002 Cold_Case_s01e14_1080p_207 Cold_Case_s01e14_1080p_319

Cold Case S01E13 – The Letter Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_s01e13_1080p_028KM UK’s Summer of HD 2020 delivers again.

424 (Full HD, 1080p) of the newly posted screencaps are now in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_s01e13_1080p_031 Cold_Case_s01e13_1080p_059 Cold_Case_s01e13_1080p_321

Cold Case S01E12 – Glued Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_s01e12_1080p_107Stick around for more of KM UK’s Summer of HD 2020.

549 (Full HD, 1080p) of the most un-put-downable screencaps are now in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_s01e12_1080p_094 Cold_Case_s01e12_1080p_202 Cold_Case_s01e12_1080p_391

Cold Case S01E11 – Hubris Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_s01e11_1080p_564KM UK’s Summer of HD 2020: It goes without saying that this is the best set of screencaps ever.

568 (Full HD, 1080p) of the latest screencaps and are now in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_s01e11_1080p_323 Cold_Case_s01e11_1080p_327 Cold_Case_s01e11_1080p_359


Ink_S01E01_010This was looking like it might be one that got away.  One of the very few items of Kathryn’s work that I never got to see.

The mid-1990s was an important time in Kathryn’s career.  She took lots of small roles in films and TV shows.  Most actors do the same thing.  They are learning their trade and making connections that could stand them in good stead for the future.  Pensacola: Wings Of Gold, Kathryn’s first as a series regular in a leading role, was still a year away.

By that period Ted Danson was already very established in the industry after a number of films and a long run in the show Cheers.  Ted had gone through his apprenticeship more than a decade earlier.  He was looking for a new vehicle for himself, and no doubt the networks were too.  The year before the comedy Becker came along, Ted tried another comedy called Ink.  This time he got to work with his wife, the wonderful Mary Steenburgen (Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist).

Ink is based in a newspaper (ask your parents if you’re not sure what that is, it’s sort of the Internet without reception or battery worries).  Ted and Mary play journalists who have recently divorced but find themselves working together, despite attempts not to.  Hilarity ensues.  It lasted just the one season.

For ages the credit has been sitting in Kathryn’s filmography as ‘woman’ in the pilot episode (season 1, episode 1) of Ink.  It is very much correct but really tells us nothing.  Well, I can finally expand on that description.  The more accurate version is…. ready for this?   Taken directly from the show itself.  ‘Woman on the street’.  Yes.  That’s it.  That is Kathryn’s full credit in this.

Sadly it is another blink and you’ll miss it appearance of Kathryn in something.  Look at the picture above for 10 seconds and you’ve gone too long.  To be fair, if they ran the credits in order of appearance, she’d practically be the headline act.  Less than 1 minute into the show is all she gets.  I hoped for a funny call back to that opening scene but it was not to be.  It’s a bright, shining moment, but a moment none the less.

As you’ve come to expect of this site there are some screencaps from the scene and a short video of it now in the Gallery.  Despite the small size and not great quality of the images and video, it is unmistakably Kathryn.

Many thanks to the person who made this available.  You brought to an end a very long search.

Ink_S01E01_003 Ink_S01E01_014 Ink_S01E01

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