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Officially Caught Up… ish

003The Official Kathryn Morris Facebook page and Twitter feed was up late last night.  It must have been bit tired and confused because it did something very uncharacteristic: posted some news.  It has been almost exactly a year since the last output.

And what pearl of wisdom did the apparently official mouthpiece of the actress, which you’d think would have direct access to said mouth, have to bestow upon us mere mortals?  Kathryn’s pregnant.  With twins.  Something I believe was widely reported when Us Magazine and father-to-be Johnny Messner himself broke the news back in… ooh, when was it now… early April.

Let’s hope, for Kathryn’s sake, that the babies’ arrival is not so delayed.

Give it a few months and “they” will probably tell us about Kathryn signing up for the been, done and gone Surgeon General pilot (early March), or producing and starring in the forthcoming movie project Alice Sweet Alice (news from mid-April).

Of course you can get all this information in a much more timely fashion on one of the several Facebook pages that gets their content from this site.  Or save yourself a click by coming straight to KM UK.

On a connected note: a few weeks ago the Official KM website went into under construction “we’ll be back” mode.  Expecting a major revamp it was a surprise to see the site return some days later with just a picture, a contact form and a couple of links.  All in the same style as before.

As those behind the Official sites were also responsible for promoting Cougars, Inc. we have nothing to worry about…

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  • amei

    ughhh, don’t make me sicker than I actually am!!! father-to-be. blehhh, I think I am gonna throw up.. it sounds sooo bad….

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