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Kathryn & Johnny Expecting Twins

20130408_us_magazine_kathryn_pregnant_001Us Magazine has published an exclusive story that Kathryn and Johnny Messner, her boyfriend of 3 years, are expecting twin babies in September.

“We’re beyond excited and doubly blessed!” the happy couple told Us of their twins-to-be. Morris, 44, is best known for her role as Detective Lilly Rush on the now-defunct hit CBS series, which came to an end in 2010.

The picture is proof enough it is not a made up tabloid story and Johnny has Tweeted about it saying:

Happiest man in the World.  2 Dirty Messner boys on there way!!!! – Link

KM UK wishes all four of them the very best.  Let’s just hope they inherit their looks from their mother as well as their brains :-)

31 comments to Kathryn & Johnny Expecting Twins

  • Finn

    They’ve said the same thing about other celebrities b4,most recently Miranda Lambert,being pregnant with twins,by her husband,Blake Shelton!! When that didn’t work,they ran a story about Blake cheating on her!!!

    I’ll wait & see!! Lets see what,The Hollywood Reporter or Variety Magazine have to say!!

  • Thaleis


    Im so happy for Kathryn (ahem… and Johnny) ! Obviously love can change mind. I remember she was not so into motherhood years ago..

    Regarding her age (no hating please, I think about her health) a little girl and a little boy in the same time would be great. Not sure she could have another chance to have another baby in the future.

  • Marie

    I would say the picture and Johnny tweeting about it is proof enough. I’m completely shocked. This is one of the last things I ever expected to read about Kathryn lol I was just thinking about her new show and how exited I am about it and then this.

    Congrats to them

    Yes, I certainly hope they inherit looks and brains from Kathryn ha

  • OH MY GOD so basically we’re gonna have a bunch of little Kathryns running around.

  • Marie

    I forgot to add that I wouldn’t be surprised if she and Johnny end up married as well sometime in the future.

  • dianekmfan

    I’m still shocked. And not one, two!!! Lol

  • Two boys. Wow. Congrats!

  • Not on my birthday please.

  • Amei, you can’t kill. Ms Jansen and I gonna contact to police in England Thursday.

    • amei

      why Thursday??? LOL, what is wrong with Thursday??

      • amei

        & btw, after 7 hours of crying and thinking, I am much better, & I started to think about my best friend, what would she say to me, & I came to the conclusion, that me& Kathryn, we still would need a sperm donor If we would like to have kids, & Johnny, ohh, okaay, he’s not that bad, maybe I was just tooo jealous of Kathryn& that’s why I hated him so much& I said many many time that he’s ugly 😛 but still, she can be mine, & I love kids & 2 baby boys, it will be a fun!!& me&Kathryn, we can always have 2 baby girls!!! it still hurts, but now I am much better, I just need to visit my psychiatrist, & I will be fine, I hope I will be, bcuz nothing can change the fact,, that she’s the one,& when we really love someone, we need to love kids of this person!!! she’s gonna be mine, & I hope kids are just fine!!!! & you know Kathy, don’t say me what am I supposed to do with my life& with Kathryn’s kids!! bcuz it was really stupid to write something like this to me!!! I am not a monster!! and it hurts, & I still need a time to accept it, but I love her kids already, bcuz I love her,, shes the one, and Rich, can u please delete my previous comments??? it was really stupid, but I was really upset, & I didn’t expect news like this, but now I am fine!!! when I am angry, upset or drunk I say stupid things!!! Sorryyy!!! ;*

        • At amei’s request I have deleted her earlier comments and my responses to them.

          • amei

            Thank u very much!! I hope they choose cool names!!! I mean, I would love to have kids with cool names :D:D after all, It’s not that bad day!! Thanks Rich!!! you know, that u pissed me off in the morning, don’t u??anyway, now I feel stupid, bcuz of comments I made!! lol, well, I am only 20 & I was really angry& upset. ;*

  • Finn, I’ve never seen a photo of Blake and Miranda like that. If Ran would be pregnant Blake would Tweet the same as Johnny did.

    People write that about Ran because she has female curves. She is also addicted to Cheetos. Serious addiction…

    I am happy for them, didn’t expected that right?

  • Then Ms Jansen is back on school.

    You are not the only one who has a though time. Me too. Today I Tweeted that I would commited suicide, nothing serious. But people took it very serious. In no time I was the topic of the halls. Ms Reed (my English teacher, the model) heard that and was so sad that she screwed all her lessons. I’ve never saw that look on her face when she saw me, so happy. Girls texted me in class to speak to me outside class. They told the principal about my ‘suicide thoughts’ and almost cried. Now I need to come to him every morning, he wants to check if I am still alive. I thought the girls came to him but it was Ms Reed who almost cried too. In the break we talked and she said she was shocked and worried and that she cares about me. Then she invited me to have a typical English lunch in the teachers room because she is from England. That was so
    I realized that people really care about me, even my favorite teachers. And not to forget Amei that my Dutch teacher sent me to the principal because I was hysterical crying because I care about YOU! You don’t realize that now but when the time is there you know, like me today.

    Yes, this is very personal but it’s for Amei. Because I care. And Finn too.

  • Mayee

    Well this is a shocker! It’s one big shocker that she’s pregnant. It’s a huge one that she’s carrying twins. So, this is pretty much a colossal of a shocker. Though I am so happy for Johnny and Kathryn! <3

  • Finn

    Hmmmmm! Now,that I’m sure the initial shock,of hearing this unexpected news,has worn off!!! I’m gonna play the part of, the Devil’s Advocate here!

    I’m just a little taken back, by how Johnny,tweeted the news????
    2 Dirty Messner boys on there way!!!!

    C’mon,Hey Dude!!!! How about words like: Expecting,Excited For,Awesome,Healthy or Beautiful,Yet to be Unborn Boys!!!

    Not,what u wrote!!! Even,Oh My!! Sounds better!! And,lets not say,its what a Guy would say!!! Most men/guys would be over joyed with the news,unless of course,they didn’t want any children! Then,those type of guys,shouldn’t have been playing in the field,to begin with!! IMO!!

  • desy

    This confirmed that two men are?

  • desy

    me refiero a los bebes XD!

  • desy

    hahaha sii? I’m glad about being the 4,000 comment! esque truth even I do not believe what our girl took sigiendo every post in this forum from the beginning since I was kath and the use of reason, do not post before because I am Spanish and I was thingy XD but good given this huge surprise I’m still excited he begins to post a greeting from Spain!

  • How childish to count the comments haha. Get a live.

  • Dani

    Finn, you should read Johnny’s whole tweet before you accuse him of not wanting the babies.

    Now, that that’s out of the way – I’m very happy for both of them and I’m sure they’ll be wonderful parents.

    • Kathy

      Yo bro listen, NOTHING against Finn!! First beat me to beat him and you can’t bea my woman power! Lol

      No, it’s just his opinion and you can’t change that. :)

    • Finn

      First,of all,U need to show me where,I said he didn’t want the twin boys! I was commenting on how he referred to them,”Dirty Messner” Johnny’s around 40,you’d think,he use better language!! Secondly,I don’t follow Mr. Messner,on twitter or anywhere else,the tweet was posted by a friend,to me!! Thirdly,I’m entitled to my opinion!!!

      • I can’t speak towards exactly what Dani meant but I think I can see where the confusion may lie.

        It looks like you were saying that a man that was happy about the news would say something different from what Johnny actually said. The inference from that is that you think he isn’t happy about it. Of course he did start the Tweet “Happiest man in the world.”

        Also, Dani didn’t question your entitlement to an opinion.

        • Finn

          No Just My Integrity,RichE!! Then,I would just have to say based on what u wrote,u both assumed,my intent! And that is just plain & simple wrong!!

          So are u implying that Johnny didn’t say or use the term in describing,the yet,unborn twins boys, as the “Dirty Messner Twins Boys”??

          Read my comment again,I didn’t say he wasn’t happy about the news! Only that imo,he used a poor choice,of words such as referencing, the word “Dirty”,in his describing of the occasion!!

          End of story!!!

          • I don’t think your integrity was in question.

            You are right that if we had assumed that that was your intent that would have been “plain & simple wrong”. However, it wasn’t the case. Dani appears to have misunderstood you. I’ve tried to explain why I thought that might be the case.

            I quoted the Tweet in full (and linked to the original source) and didn’t make any comment on it. I’ve not implied anything about what Johnny said. Quite how you inferred otherwise from that I don’t know.

            When you use phrases like playing “Devil’s Advocate”, which is normally used when someone wants to make a controversial point that goes against the norm, and “Most men/guys would be over joyed with the news” when Johnny started his message “Happiest man in the World” you can hopefully see why some confusion may have arisen.

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