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Early Morning Providence

Providence_S02E01_076The year has started well for Kathryn fans in the UK.

In the first couple of days we had showings of the film Inferno.

Cold Case is getting daily screenings available to everyone with a TV, and not just those with a satellite dish attached to it.

This run of luck is set to continue but you’ll need to stay up very late or be up very, very early (or set the PVR) to see it.

The TV series Providence is currently being broadcast in back-to-back pairs starting at 1am on the Movie Mix channel.  Friday (22nd of Jan) morning (or Thursday night if you prefer) the final episode of season one is up first.  That can only mean one thing.  The second of the double dose is the first episode of season two.  2am OK with you?

Going under the title of The Third Thing Kathryn guest stars Molly, a disturbed young woman struggling to deal with the loss of a child.  The staff at the Rhode Island clinic run by Dr Sydney Hansen (Melina Kanakaredes of CSI: NY) find themselves in a hostage situation when Molly pulls a gun.

Providence ran for five seasons from 1999 to 2002 on the NBC network in the USA.

I’ve looked at this episode of Providence almost 6 years ago on KM UK here.  Screencaps can be found in the Gallery.

Pick Free Cold Case In UK

CC_Titles_16Starting next Monday (11th Jan) the UK television channel Pick (previously known as Sky 3) will begin broadcasting Cold Case from the première episode Look Again.

Each weekday (Mon-Fri) morning at 9am, with a repeat at 5pm, the Pick station, which is freely available on all of the UK’s broadcast platforms (Freeview, Freesat, Sky satellite, and Virgin Media cable), will be showing an episode of the police procedural drama starring Kathryn, John Finn, Jeremy Ratchford, and Thom Barry.  Danny Pino didn’t join the cast until episode 6, replacing Justin Chambers.  Tracie Thoms’ Kat Miller didn’t appear until season 3.

In a slight twist in the first week there are actually six episodes across the five days.  I presume that the content of Our Boy Is Back (ep 3) means that they can’t show it at 9am and have pulled it forward to 1am.  Episode 4 (Churchgoing People) follows at 9am.  This may happen again later in the series.  If it works as it is designed to be used then the ‘series link’ feature of most PVRs should record them all for you.

This is only the second proper post of the year on KM UK and both have been about Kathryn’s work appearing on the small screen in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  I make no apologies for that.  This is KM UK after all :-)  Hopefully it gives those of you elsewhere in the world a bit of inspiration to seek out things like Cold Case.

Inferno Heats Up Your Weekend

poster_001Welcome to 2016.

The Horror Channel here in the UK is getting the new year off to a blazing start with more showings of the disaster movie Inferno.

Kathryn has a key part in the film, and it is very different from the way we are so used to seeing her in roles like Lilly Rush.

I may have missed a screening yesterday but there are two broadcasts coming up in less than 24 hours:  19:00 GMT tonight (2nd Jan) at and tomorrow morning at 8am.

The Horror Channel is available via the free-to-air Freeview system, as well as Virgin Media cable and Sky satellite, in the United Kingdom and Ireland so everyone with a television can see it.  The network also appears to be on Sky in Italy but you’ll have to check local press/EPG for details on what they are showing.

Inferno Heats Up A Sunday Afternoon

poster_001Nearly missed this one.

In what can only be an attempt to make us Brits feel a bit warmer as temperatures begin the steady decline towards winter, the Horror Channel is showing the TV movie Inferno again today.

The Horror channel is available to everyone in the UK via the Freeview TV system so there is no excuse not to take the opportunity to watch one of Kathryn’s earlier roles.

4:50pm this afternoon (Sunday, 18th October) is the start time.  See the Media Alert post HERE from the last time I alerted our British readers of a screening for more details.

There are some Inferno related images in KM UK Gallery.

Paycheck – Friday, BBC1 Again, Again

Paycheck_1080p_010I’ve only just spotted this so it is rather last minute.  Don’t worry, I’ve got a memory wiping machine so you’ll all remember that I gave you plenty of notice :-)

Give or take a week or two it has been a year since the BBC last broadcast sci-fi action drama Paycheck.  It is on tonight (4th of September) at 11:35pm on BBC1, except in Northern Ireland.  No showings scheduled for the NI crowd.

Ex-Dare Devil and future Batman Ben Affleck stars as computer engineer Michael Jennings.  Michael is tasked with copying competitor designs but has his memories of the work erased afterwards to in some way get around copyright laws.  Things go awry when Michael realises that someone is trying to kill him, but his pre-memory wipe self has left clues about it.  Uma Thurman (Kill Bill) also stars.

Kathryn as a small but captivating role near the beginning of the film.  Being a public service broadcaster that it is the BBC has again kindly started the movie early enough so that you can see Kathryn and still be in bed by midnight.  These things are important for those of us of a certain age.

The BBC’s website has more details HERE.  Various images from the film are in the KM UK Gallery.

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