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The Protocol Becomes Marvel-lous – April Fool

on_set_012As the phrase goes: mighty oaks grow from tiny acorns.

My post at the beginning of the week about the short film The Protocol appears to have shaken that tree.

News reached KM UK Towers over night that this little project, largely put together by a group of friends, is in the process of being developed into a new branch of the Marvel Universe.  That’s what has driven the recent resurrection of the short film.

Early in its life The Protocol was said to be a pilot for a television series.  Despite the most recent description we saw showed it returning to being a small movie, it has in fact once again become a prototype for TV.  It would sit alongside the other Marvel shows on various networks.

If you’ve watched the short video clip from The Protocol you’ll have picked up the hints that Kathryn’s character, Flair Loop as she is known,  is not ‘normal’.  She is in some way ‘other’.  A mutant perhaps.  You will also be aware that Xen Sams and Max Ryan are playing some form of agents.  Hmmm.  Marvel.  Agents.  All the clues were there.

The idea is that every episode will involve a new unknown to deal with.   The titular ‘protocol’ refers to the agreed way of dealing with this kind of situation by S.H.I.E.L.D.  A new protocol will need to be employed for each.  No doubt there’ll be plenty for which there are no written guidelines.  The squad will have to wing it on those.

In the case seen in the short film Flair Loop is harbouring the next generation of mutated human in that pregnancy bump.  It is not known exactly what that could mean for the rest of humanity.  Is this a major threat or could it be our saviour?

In the dossier passed to me another planned episode includes a new alternative energy source found in the Antarctic wastes called Polar Oil F.  Sounds great but there are hints it could be earth’s undoing, rapidly accelerating global warming rather than helping counter it as it is not a standard fossil fuel.

If the TV series comes to fruition the short film will be re-made as as feature-length episode with the original cast.  Unfortunately the tight production budget won’t stretch to a CGI ‘bump’ for Kathryn so she will have to go ‘method’ on it.  Filming will need to start in about 8 months.  Any volunteers to take one for the team?  😉

More news on this story later.

Update:  It’s later.  Yes, this is my usual yearly attempt at an April Fool spoof post.

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