May 2016
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Cold Case Cast Catch-up – May 2016

Boom!  And there goes May!  But just before it ends let us take in some news about Kathryn’s old cast mates in KM UK’s monthly Cold Case Cast Catch-up.

As you can see from the image above we’re leading off with our leading man Danny Pino (Scotty Valens on CC).  His new CBS comedy-drama […]

Monte Carlo TV Festival 2007 Photo Update

In honour of today’s Formula 1 race in Monte Carlo, Monaco today I have an appropriately placed set of photos.

Kathryn made a lot of public appearances in 2007 to publicise the Resurrecting The Champ movie and Cold Case, as it was in full swing at that time.

In mid-June (so it is nearly date […]

Update On Alice Sweet Alice

Over two years since our last post on Alice Sweet Alice, and over three since any significant news, we have an update.

What exactly it means for Kathryn fans is not entirely clear but it does give us a small insight in to the world of film making.

To recap: Alice Sweet Alice was a […]

Terminator Salvation Première Photo + Video Update

Told you “we’d be back!”  😎

The film studios made many returns to the Terminator franchise, and will no doubt be doing so again all to soon, so I think I can get away with making a quick second visit in as many weeks to the US première of Terminator Salvation.  The last time was […]

KM UK Is 7!

Happy Birthday to KM UK!

When you see the picture above in a KM UK post it can mean only one thing (or maybe two):  it’s the site’s birthday.

Not so long ago (7 years today in fact) in a galaxy not so far away (because it was this one)…  KM UK […]

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