March 2016
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Cold Case Cast Catch-up – March 2016

It’s the last day of the month so it must be time for the traditional latest edition of KM UK’s Cold Case Cast Catch-up.  Let us see what the key members of the long running CBS police procedural have been getting up to.

What feels like an increasing part of that tradition seems to […]

The Perfect Guy UK DVD Released

Looks like I’ll have to file this one under ‘Old News’…

In all the excitement I managed to miss the release of the thriller The Perfect Guy on DVD in the UK earlier this month.  The 14th of March to be more precise.

To be fair to me the Sony Pictures UK website doesn’t seem […]

Not So Real Housewife Of The Jersey Shorts

This is KM UK’s 100th item about Fabien Martorell’s short film The Coin aka You Can’t Keep A Good Short Down.

Nearly four years on from our first post about the film (in July 2012) it is returning to the short film festival circuit for an outing in 2016.

The Hang Onto Your Shorts Film […]

Hold On To Your Easter Eggs They Might Melt

Let’s face it: nobody likes melted chocolate Easter eggs.

The natural disaster Inferno is being shown again the the Horror Channel here in the UK on Wednesday (23rd of March).  The station is on channel 70 on the Freeview system and in tripple digits on the Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media platforms.  Check your EPG […]

Colonization Heads Home

Many years ago the United States Of America was formed by the joining of 13 British colonies down the East coast of the country.

Now, after the series just finished airing its first season on American TV the sci-fi-ish drama Colony is said to be on the way to Britain.

The Digital Spy website has […]

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