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The Scarborough Film Festival By Tianna

Last weekend saw a screening of the short film The Coin at the Scarborough Film Festival in Canada.  Tianna, one of KM UK’s long-standing regulars, attended the event and saw the film.  She very kindly agreed to write about the experience for us.  Thank you Tee.

So, without further ado I’ll leave you in the capable hands of Tianna.

tee_75x75By Tianna

Scarborough Film Festival, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – June 2014

Good afternoon! My name is Tianna; I’m a 20 year old broadcast media student from Toronto, Canada. I’ve been a Kathryn Morris fan for about 8 years and a member of KMUK for 5 years. RichE asked me to write about my recent experience as a volunteer at the 2nd annual Scarborough Film Festival!

This festival featured 30 films from over 20 different countries and was supported by local and national businesses and associations. The Prime Minister of Canada even sent his well wishes for the festivals success! And a success it was! We had hundreds of people attend film screenings from June 3rd – June 8th!

As you may have heard, a short film called “The Coin” featuring Kathryn was featured. Director Fabien Martorell submitted his 9 minute short and I happened to be volunteering the night it was screening. I was able to sneak away and watch Kathryn on the big screen with my popcorn in hand!

As far as the film goes, it was pretty much everything you see in the trailer. Kathryn’s character scolding her young son while driving to the store. When they pull in to the parking lot, she shouts at the child to remove his seatbelt. After looking into the boys fearful eyes, Kathryn glances into the rearview mirror and internally reflects on her behaviour with such a sadness in her eyes – It was truly moving. As if not to let her guard down and show the boy her vulnerable side, she snaps at him once more to exit the car. The rest, as you’ve seen in the trailer, is the homeless man (Christopher Lloyd) comforting the the child and giving him a “magical coin” to remember he is not a bad boy, but a good one!

Overall the film was really sweet and showed a very different side of Kathryn’s acting capability! Hopefully soon the film will be made available for the rest of you to see!

Thanks again to Tianna.

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